Monday, March 18, 2013


Our investigators are doing well. None made it to church :( Things came up... But we already committed them for next Sunday so it's in their plans now. We met an older guy on Saturday, “G.” He wasn't able to make it to church because his car's not registered. We told him we could get him a ride but he's like No I'll come next Sunday. I was like, eh he's not that solid. But he wanted us back the next day, so we saw him yesterday. 
We walked up and he was in the same spot he was when we first met him, sitting on a chair on his porch with his music playing right next to him. We sat next to him and asked if we could turn off the radio. He stood up, and just said we could go inside. Which was sweet, it's hard to actually get inside homes. Well we went in and taught him. So you know that I'm a pretty loving person, and I try to do what President Monson said, "see others as they may become". I really loved “G” from the beginning. So he was telling us that he really likes his home; he had just moved there 3 months earlier. But the street is pretty bad (it is). There's always loud music and loud cars and people out there causing a ruckus. And he's like "I'm unhappy". That phrase like almost made me cry. It was weird but really spiritual. And I think because of that, we had one of the best first lessons I've ever been a part of. He's preparing for baptism on the 31st! It was awesome. 
Our other investigators are doing well. “A” is still cool, just slept in yesterday. We've just got to get them to church and they'll be all set. We have a method of teaching here called why/what/how (doctrine/principle/application). And we're really starting to apply it. Like, it's been in the mission for a while, but no one really understood it. But the past couple of weeks, we've had trainings and talked to the AP's and I'm really starting to get it. And now, our teaching is so much more powerful. It was introduced by President, and now I see why. I could go into detail, but it took a 5 hour comp study with the AP's for them to explain it to me. haha. But basically:

A Doctrine is an eternal truth.

A Principle is also a truth.

The Application is to take those to action.

So example (the doctrine should be desire boosting)

 D- Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be cleansed and forgiven of all our sins, and we can receive a strength and power to press forward.

P- The way we access that power in our lives is to have faith in Jesus Christ by keeping His commandments.

A- Will you show your faith and (keep a specific commandment)
That's just an example. But it's super powerful in real life. 

I"M SO EXCITED FOR MY NEW BIKE!!!! I don’t know if you should get more insurance. I'm still around the place where it was almost stolen. So probably.

Kkkkkk. well I love you all. My mission has been the best. I love it. Elder “B” is still cool. Still a greenie, but cool :) haha I miss you guys. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Elder J Thorne

Monday, March 11, 2013

Doing good

Dear family,
Well..  I'm doing good. How is everyone at home? Did you know that my birthday will be my 6-months-left mark? Crazy.... Question. Is the series House over? I saw that it might be. I hope not. I love that show. I need to catch up on it when I get home. So you know how we're going to celebrate my birthday when I get home? Well I want you to save all that money, don't spend it on anything yet. Because I want a Chevy Camaro. haha. Seriously. I've literally fallen in love with that car since I've been out. I know I won't get one... but I love them. But still save the money so we can decide what to do with it. 
Anyway.. “J's” back! haha. Well... kind of. We went back last Monday and like Friday. Had good lessons with them. They still want to progress and work towards baptism. And so we went back last night and talked to “K” and “J2,” and they said he hadn't been home since Saturday morning. So we're a little worried for that. Hope he's ok. 
“A” and “H” are still about the same. We're kind of in the rut that we just go over and share a word and just hang out. They even refer to us as family haha. And like, most missionaries have the misconception of becoming friends with people, then baptizing their friends. Which, yes, is really good. But it doesn't work that way. Our purpose is to baptize people, and one of the applications is to be their friend. So we need to do kind of a reversal of roles with them. Which is kind of hard but we'll do it. Like last time we went over, they were watching a movie and she made us super good fried shrimp and fries. Ah. It was awesome. haha. We did talk about the restoration a little, but there were too many distractions. We'll do it though :)
We also blessed a super cool guy named “A” (2 of his little daughters were there too). When we ended the prayer, he pretty much invited himself to be baptized. We asked how he felt and he was like "oh I feel so good. You know in those church shows when the preacher touches someone and they catch the Holy Ghost? (which is totally false.. but oh well) I feel that. Man I wish I could have that all the time." Haha I know right? Perfect lead in to a baptism invite. He couldn't make it to church because he slept in. He forgot about the time change.. But he's preparing for the 24th. We're seeing him tonight. 
Which reminds me. It was stake conference yesterday. It was really really good. President Anderson spoke first. He did good. After the meeting, all the baptisms in the zone (which is the stake) got baptized. There were 13. It was a really cool experience. 
I still need to call CTR bikes back. I sort of tinkered with my brakes so that they sort of stop. haha. I ride slower and safer now. I'll call them when I'm done with this. I haven't received any cards yet..
Welp... I can't believe I'm on the down slope. Happened just like that didn't it? Crazy..     What am I talking about? I've got tons of time left :) haha i miss you all. I Love you so much!!

Love, Elder Thorne

Monday, March 4, 2013

A new companion

Dear Home,

This past week was really good. My new companion is Elder “J.” He's from Mesa, AZ. He’s a pretty cool guy. We get along well. He loves basketball and the NBA so we talk a lot of basketball. Everything is going well with him. We had a really good last half of the week, since with “R” it was pretty much just saying bye to people. But we got out and got a lot done. Elders “J” and “V” stayed in the apartment with us. And Elder “B” and “A” stayed in Ft Lauderdale South. We're all becoming pretty good friends. The Plantation elders actually moved out of the other apartment (the one I used to stay at), and they moved to Plantation. I think that was last Friday.

This past few days have been freezing again! OMG it's so annoying. Especially when you're riding bike all the time. Ugh I hate being cold....

So the story with “J” and “K.” They can't get baptized just yet.  But they've actually been on my mind the last couple of days, so we're going over to see them tonight. “A” and “H” are still way awesome. “H” and her 2 sons came to church!! “A” had to work, but it was so sweet to see her sitting back there. She got there a little bit late, but “F,” the 8 year old, came and tapped us on the shoulder to tell us they made it haha. They only came to Sacrament Meeting but that's alright. Hopefully they'll get baptized on the 17th. That's what we're shooting for. 

I've been so exhausted all week. I was nervous about transfers, so I got barely any sleep Monday and Tuesday night. And of course there isn't any time to make it up during the week. So it's kind of hard to focus right now. haha. Did I tell you that I got stung by a bee last week? First time in my life. I was actually riding my bike, and it hit me in the forehead, then it got stuck in between my head and my helmet so it started freaking out. I hurried and hit it away and stopped, but not before it stung me haha. Also, some punk kids tried to steal my bike! haha. We take the front tires off and lock up the tires and the frame with a U-lock. Apparently (some little girl saw it and told us) they just had a hammer and were nailing my u-lock. Luckily it stayed strong and nothing was stolen, but they bent the frame and now the back brakes don't work. haha. so I don’t know what to do. I talked to the bike guy and he's not sure. I called CTR bikes and they were supposed to call back but they haven't yet. haha. But I've been fine so far. 

Thanks a lot family for everything. I couldn't do this without you guys. I love you all!

Elder J Thorne