Monday, October 29, 2012

New Ward

Angel Moroni Installation
Thorne Family…

Alright so first of all, I'm really happy and upbeat and loving life :) ha. The past transfer has been unproductive but I'm fine. You know me. These kinds of things don't affect me like that. So everyone doesn't have to worry about me. I'm doing good.

So the Royal Palm Beach ward met for the first time yesterday. It was good. A lot smaller, but really good. Our new ward mission leader is a guy named Bro “S.”  He was baptized 3 years ago. He seems really excited. “S” and her family got evicted last Monday.. We went over that night and they told us that they got the note that day that they had to be out in 24 hrs. It was really tough. We testified about Christ and faith in Him and gave them blessings. They said that they felt a lot better after that. Their family is currently in a motel somewhere so we haven't been able to meet with them. We referred them to the bishop to see what he could do but there isn't a whole lot. So we just keep praying. 

Other than that, this week has been good. We met some cool people this week. One couple that we met who's trying to get closer to God. And 2 Haitian girls who want to come to church. We've taught them both once so we'll see how they progress as well. I think that's it for our new investigator's.. We're planned to see some more people this week so we'll turn them into investigator's. 

It's still car-share here. We get the car one week then the other elders do the next. It's alright.. OMG. Guess who moved.. The “Bs!!” They moved to Idaho apparently. I guess he lost his job too. Super sad. I even wrote them and they weren't even there haha. It was like 3 months ago. I think. But yeah. That's lame. But yes mom, I got your letter. Thanks. It was really good. And dad, I love that talk from President Faust. I've been seeing/reading a lot of quotes that deal with adversity and such. They're really good.

Well... Not a lot going on here. Just the same old. Thanks for all the letters and emails and all that you do. I'm happy. If I'm ever not, you'll know. I miss you all. I hit my 13 month mark yesterday.. SO weird. It seems like just yesterday it was one year. ha. I Love you all.

Elder J Thorne

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Greatest Mission in the Land!

Dear Fam.
Idk if I've told you how transfers happen.. So I'll tell you. So on Monday we go out and proselyte (that's why it's called pros [pross] Monday). And usually those days are way bad because it's been Forever since the last p day it seems like. We come home and do the normal night stuff. Then most zones do transfer calls like this: Everyone in the zone gets on a conference call and the zl's read off the info. Like, elder (), staying. elder () transfering. elder () staying and training. So they only tell you if you're leaving or if you're staying and if you're training. Not where you're going or who you'll be with or if you'll be a dl or zl. Then p day Tuesday is spent packing.. Then at transfers, the area's are read and displayed on a powerpoint and that's where you find everything out. It's really nerve wracking. haha. But I'm staying. Ha. So is Elder "W."And Elder "P." Elder "C" is transferring. Which I'm sad because he is a good friend. But I'm actually pretty glad I'm staying. Before yesterday was pretty rough, I didn't really want to stay here. But yesterday we found some pretty cool people.
"S" is still cooool. She had an interview on Sunday because she still feels a little bit scared about it. But she passed. It was actually at stake conference. The YW leader here is super awesome. She gave "S" and her sister, who we're also teaching, "S2" (she's progressing a little bit slower) a ride all the way up to Stuart. The wards here are great. We have a meal almost everyday. Not actually at their house, but they come drop off food a lot. Which is way sweet. And a lot of members are willing to come out with us and teach. This is probably the best ward I've been in. Well, I guess now wards so I don't know how that will work out. It was stake conference last week so we didn't experience the different wards yet. It starts this week. The area's haven't been changed yet, I'm sure on Wednesday we'll have new boundaries. We live only like 1/2 mile from the border of the new ward so it's not bad. And I'm guessing we'll get a car since our area is really big. Hopefully, but we'll see.
Another transfer here in Wellington/Royal Palm Beach. I'm excited but it will be tough. Oh well. I'm still having fun and a good time.  I'm really happy. I hope you all are too. I can't wait to see you all again! I miss you and love you!
Elder JR Thorne

Then, this from the Mission President's email to the missionaries:

"We just got word last week that the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission is the highest baptizing Mission in the United States and Canada. This hasn’t happened out of the Utah Missions in a long time I am told. What an honor to know that you missionaries are working so hard and reaping such great miracles in finding the elect of God. I wasn’t going to announce this because we shouldn’t compare with others, but General Authorities are telling other leaders and I rather you hear it from me. Remember God’s hand is in this work and he has poured out his Spirit to make us instruments in His hands. You are amazing missionaries and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of your Mission."

No wonder they call this the Greatest Mission in the Land!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ward Split

Dear fam,
Hey. So this week has been pretty crazy. I got transfered... kinda. The Wellington ward split yesterday. So now there's a Wellington ward and a Royal Palm Beach ward. Our areas and the ward boundaries aren't lined up, but we'll probably be the Royal Palm ward. For now I guess we cover both. Because they haven't told us anything. Apparently President Anderson didn't even know about the split. Ha. But I don’t know. We'll see what happens. Transfers are next week so I might not even be here.
“S” is still cool. Not good because if we do change, then she'll be in the Wellington ward. We'll just have to baptize her before any changes happen with us. She came to church yesterday like 5 min late, so we didn't see her at all. She sat on the couch by the bishop's office and listened to all of Sacrament Meeting. It was 2 hours long because the Bishop and his wife bore their testimonies, the new counselor's did, and the new bishop's and their wives. After church (somehow “S” made it to young women's), we asked her how she liked church and she was like, "I liked it a lot, I don’t why everyone was crying though.." haha it was funny. But everything should be progressing fast with her now. 
So the only thing I want when I get home is a new iPhone with my music on it, and a new pair of Beats Studio. We were at a recent convert's on Friday for dinner and his wife had just bought him some and they were soo cool! Ah I was so jealous right then. And when I was at the hospital for Elder “W,” it was on ESPN :) but they also had a Beats commercial that they came out with a bunch of new colors. I've already talked to Hailey about this. But make sure that they're at the airport waiting for me too ;) haha 
I'm doing good. I'm happy. The Beats made me super trunky but I'm over it now haha. Alright I love you guys a lot! Hope all is well and keep updating me on family stuff and sports of course dad ;) LOVE YOU!
Elder J Thorne

Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference

Conference was SOO good. Elder Holland’s talk was so so good. I'm listening to it right now. I loved it so much. Ah man. I can't believe how good it was. All of the talks were way good. All of the First Presidency did really good in Priesthood (sorry ladies). Dallin H. Oaks threw down as well. Remember the Oaks in this ward? Well his uncle is Dallin. So that's cool. I can't believe conference is over. Now it's back to the grind.. I have one more conference left... So weird. I come home right before next year's so if you could, I'd like to go.. I don't think I've been to a session. Maybe one but when I was like 7. Oh and I don’t know when he spoke but Robert C. Gay of the Seventy is in the Wellington Ward. He was here a couple weeks ago and he told us missionaries that our mission is one of the best in the nation. We're pushing the Utah missions in number of baptisms. 

We have a new investigator named “S.” She's way awesome. We met her and her family harvesting. We've taught her like twice and she likes it a lot. She's 17 and a couple sisters have sat in but it's mostly her. She came to the last half of yesterday afternoon's session and like it a lot. Especially Elder Nash's.. But at least she heard the prophet. We're seeing her tonight.

So since Elder “W” has been out of commission a lot, I've had the chance to study more. It has been really nice. Even though I'd love to get out and work, it has really brought the Spirit more into my life. I have really been able to learn more about our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love the teachings of Joseph Smith. I bought some new black shoes because my other ones were falling apart on the inside. They're nice and should last. Last week I also bought 2 journals. We went to Barnes and Noble to the journal section and I got a nice brown leather one. Then we wandered around and we got to the Harry Potter section and I found the coolest Deathly Hallows journal so I bought that one too. haha. Oh.. And last week, I washed my chap stick in the wash. I had gotten the bag of all of them out, there was like 10, and put it on my suitcase on the ground. I put all my white's on that suitcase to keep my shirts from getting wrinkled so I just threw them on top of the chapstick. Well I picked them all up in my arms and I guess accidentally picked up the bag of chapstick too... So I washed ALL of my chapstick.... :(

K I love you guys! Thanks for everything. I miss you and Love you all!

Elder Jaren Thorne

Monday, October 1, 2012

Half Way Point

Another week in Wellington. It's been fun but the work still is rough. We still haven't been able to get out as much as we want. But oh well. On hump day we had district training then afterwards we went to 5 Guys. Man it was so good. It's weird because it was actually on the 26th when things started to become "downhill". I come home September 26th next year.. I don’t know if you knew that or not.. But yeah. It's weird. I feel like I've grown a lot. Maybe. I still always feel like weird being a missionary. But whatever. I love teaching people about the Gospel. I've really come to understand the Savior and His Gospel more. That's been the best part of my mission so far. To learn for myself all these things. Not to be selfish or anything... But it's meant a lot. I love helping people accept it and live it too :)

On Wednesday, guess who was signed up to feed us that day.. The “A” family! (They all have different last names.. but that's what the ward refers them as) That was a lot of fun. The dad just brought home some KFC for us to eat. It was good. The two youngest girls won so they sat next to me. haha. At the end, I asked them (all the daughters, mom was in the other room) what their favorite part about church is and then to bear their testimony. It was great. The 2 youngest, “L” and “E,” were way excited because they were planning to bear theirs in fast and testimony meeting that Sunday. But it was awesome. The 13 year old, “D,” is way awesome. She has like the best testimony ever and wants to serve a mission and go to school in Utah. Then at the end, the 3 youngest had me write something in their BoM's. Ha that was a good day. 

That was the highlight of the week probably. When we were harvesting once, we talked to this lady outside of her house and asked her if we could say a prayer with her. She was walking out to her car to grab something so she asked if we could do it at the car. We said yes. So we walk over with her and I asked her if there was anything in specific that she needed from Christ at that time and she started crying. Then she asked that her back would feel better because she had surgery like 6 months ago and she needed to start working again so that she could support her family. It was pretty cool.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I'm almost out of chapstick.. I can't live without that stuff haha. Also, remember that Alex Boye article you sent? The one about him being homeless for his faith I think. Well it printed weird and I didn't get the whole article. And I kept forgetting about it. So can I have another one? I got the pizza and sim card. Thanks a whole lot. “S” is a cool guy. I don't remember him being at our house though.... But I do remember playing bball with him. Good times. Anyway. K I love you guys! I miss you all. I can't believe that it's all downhill from here. So crazy. But I can't wait to see what's ahead. I LOVE YOU!
Elder Jaren Thorne