Monday, March 18, 2013


Our investigators are doing well. None made it to church :( Things came up... But we already committed them for next Sunday so it's in their plans now. We met an older guy on Saturday, “G.” He wasn't able to make it to church because his car's not registered. We told him we could get him a ride but he's like No I'll come next Sunday. I was like, eh he's not that solid. But he wanted us back the next day, so we saw him yesterday. 
We walked up and he was in the same spot he was when we first met him, sitting on a chair on his porch with his music playing right next to him. We sat next to him and asked if we could turn off the radio. He stood up, and just said we could go inside. Which was sweet, it's hard to actually get inside homes. Well we went in and taught him. So you know that I'm a pretty loving person, and I try to do what President Monson said, "see others as they may become". I really loved “G” from the beginning. So he was telling us that he really likes his home; he had just moved there 3 months earlier. But the street is pretty bad (it is). There's always loud music and loud cars and people out there causing a ruckus. And he's like "I'm unhappy". That phrase like almost made me cry. It was weird but really spiritual. And I think because of that, we had one of the best first lessons I've ever been a part of. He's preparing for baptism on the 31st! It was awesome. 
Our other investigators are doing well. “A” is still cool, just slept in yesterday. We've just got to get them to church and they'll be all set. We have a method of teaching here called why/what/how (doctrine/principle/application). And we're really starting to apply it. Like, it's been in the mission for a while, but no one really understood it. But the past couple of weeks, we've had trainings and talked to the AP's and I'm really starting to get it. And now, our teaching is so much more powerful. It was introduced by President, and now I see why. I could go into detail, but it took a 5 hour comp study with the AP's for them to explain it to me. haha. But basically:

A Doctrine is an eternal truth.

A Principle is also a truth.

The Application is to take those to action.

So example (the doctrine should be desire boosting)

 D- Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be cleansed and forgiven of all our sins, and we can receive a strength and power to press forward.

P- The way we access that power in our lives is to have faith in Jesus Christ by keeping His commandments.

A- Will you show your faith and (keep a specific commandment)
That's just an example. But it's super powerful in real life. 

I"M SO EXCITED FOR MY NEW BIKE!!!! I don’t know if you should get more insurance. I'm still around the place where it was almost stolen. So probably.

Kkkkkk. well I love you all. My mission has been the best. I love it. Elder “B” is still cool. Still a greenie, but cool :) haha I miss you guys. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Elder J Thorne

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