Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain every day

Well, today is P day since yesterday was a holiday. We only found out on Thursday... so I'm getting back to you a little bit late.. But hey what can you do. Oh yeah so about the rain... It pours Every single day. It's SO annoying. haha. But it's kinda fun. I was thinking I could get a rain jacket. Could you buy me one actually? A really nice one. Like from the internet. And I can't get on the internet.. A conservative black one. Oh and I gave away one of my umbrella's away yesterday. We were riding home to meet an exchange and it was coming down hard. We were riding with our umbrellas (we still got soaked, it just made us feel better) and as we crossed a street, another lady was walking towards us without one so I stopped and gave her mine. It didn't matter cuz I was drenched anyway. But that was cool. Thanks mom. Oh and speaking of rain jackets and things I need to buy.... Remember how my grey jeans are way too tight? Well we did service yesterday and I put on my normal blue jeans, well, they as well are super tight. My legs and bum have gotten So big since I've been on bike. So I think I'll stop by Ross and get some jeans. I also need another umbrella cuz the other one broke.. I also need more bike tire tubes.. Ugh. That's been super annoying. All the flats. I'll also buy a liner or something.  Anyway..           H is super lame. He wants physical evidence of the Book of Mormon. We told him that these people are the primary ancestors of the native americans and he said "But who are they?" It was dumb.. Oh well. We met a couple cool new people. Like these two girls K and J. They're in their early 20's and we taught them both about the BofM (separate lessons) and they seemed real excited to read it. We'll see how that goes.. Have I told you about E? She's a super cool grandma who loves church (she's been twice) and she actually wants to be baptized again. Most people, actually everyone, says, "No I've been baptized before" and don't want to. But E does. She's way awesome. She was gonna be baptized Sunday but on like Thursday she said she didn't know if she was ready.. But yesterday we went over and talked to her and taught her out of the BofM and she said she'll do an interview this week and pray about being baptized this Sunday. So pray for her.. haha. I hope that will happen. JA is doing good. He couldn't get a ride on Sunday so he hasn't been confirmed yet.... But it's all good for Sunday. We went over Sunday night and he fed us Haitian food. It was 'mild'... Way spicy for me. I can't do spicy. Remember, dad, when you made me eat that super hot red thing at that asian restuarant? Yeah... I can't look at spicy food or asia the same anymore..... Other than that, no real cool mission spiritual things.. Lots of rain and finding. But things with me and Elder Bloom are still way good. I like that. Oh there was a zone conference on Tuesday which was way good. The first half was all about mormon.org and getting us familiar with it and stressing the importance of it. Cuz we don't want people to look up anti-mormon stuff. Then the second half was about repentance. It was super good. Alright well, I miss you all. I love you. Thanks for everything.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Not so new companion

What's up. Santa Rosa Callifornia for T!? Nice! Ah I'm so excited for him! That's so exciting! Tell him congrats for me. Anyway, I'm sure you're all wondering who my new comp is... well you all know him....It's Elder Bloom!! My bud from the MTC!! Isn't that awesome? Ah man it's so sweet. I've loved it so far. It's definitely what I needed from being in a rut with a dying missionary. This week has been really good. We met some really cool people. Like Hannibal (scary name) He's Peurto Rican and wanted to know more about the BoM. He's pretty skeptical... but as he reads it, his concerns will drop. Oh, and J.A. was baptized yesterday!! It was so good to see that. He's the coolest guy. We also had another baptism, technically.. So when ELder Ensing and I were harvesting once, we met this Haitian lady named Promesse and we passed her to the Creole elders. They taught her and her cousin Angeline. Well I guess Elder Furner's new comp, Elder Beard, thought that it would be best to give us Angleine cuz she speaks english more than Creole. And that was on like Thrusday so we had that baptism too. Which was pretty cool too. But yeah two baptisms yesterday. NBD. haha no but Jean is like the greatest guy and I'm so happy for him. Idk. Other than that, not a whole lot happened. We're biking a ton more but it's ok cuz Elder Bloom and I just talk to each other the whole time. This is the first time where I'll actually be like friends with my companion. I'm excited for this transfer. Well, I love you guys. Miss you. I'm happpy and doing well. Love you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Staying put

Hello fam.
Well yep. I'm staying. I'm excited but also kinda nervous about taking over the area. Oh well. Just comes with the job I guess. Elder Jones is leaving too. He came out to the field with me (Creole elders come mid-transfer, so 3 weeks after) and he's been here in Boynton the whole time. So just me and Elder Furner are staying. It should be good. I have no clue who my next comp will be, or if I'll be sr or jr comp. You just find out on Wednesday. I'll let you know.. I'm so excited for Tanner Howell! I wish I could be there. That's so great. Remember, my guess is Singapore. Other than that, Idk what to say. I pretty much said it all on Sunday. I loved being able to see you all! I hate how fast the time flies as well. It's lame. But I loved every second of it. But yeah.. Yesterday was ok. Nothing cool. The wml, Bro. Dengg and his wife took us to lunch and then we ate dinner at the bishop's house. THat was really nice. I'm glad I'm staying in this ward, not necesarily staying on bike... Whatevs. K well I love you guys a ton! I'll have much more to say next week. Miss you. Love you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Flat tires and teaching a family

Welp, transfers are next week! Isn't that crazy? Time is flying by. Although it's pretty sure I will stay, still send letters to the mission office just in case. We have talked to a brother here, and he's gonna let us skype at his house. I'm not sure what time we'll be able to do it, but on Sunday morning I'll be allowed to call you and tell you what time, then hang up. So that may be what will happen.

Cool story... After preparation day last week, we went and taught a guy named Ray. He had stopped us on the street the week before, and told us how it's amazing to see people as young as we are to be doing such a good thing. So we asked him if we could come by and share a message. Anyway, on Monday, we had a super spiritual lesson with them (there was him, his wife, and his daughter and son) When we got there, only his daughter was home (she asked if we were the church people. which is suprising that he actually remembered about our appt.) So we just waited outside for everyone else. The mom got dropped off by some lady and she said she didn't feel good so she wouldn't be able to sit in with us. A few min later, Ray and his son arrived. We went in and the mom was just sitting on the couch resting, but she stayed there. Anyway. He started off asking about how to help his teenagers build strong faith and about fasting and other random things. After answering his questions, we just testified of the Atonement and the Spirit. I don't even remember much of what we said, but the Spirit was so strong. The mom said that right when we walked in, she felt the Spirit and felt a lot better. And Ray said that she's very skeptical but she loved what we said. We left a blessing in their home and it was amazing. When we asked them how they felt afterwards, the daughter, who was pretty quiet the whole time, instantly said she felt so good and that when I said her name she felt something peirce her heart. They all committed to be baptized! We were supposed to see them Thursday, but something came up.. We're seeing them tonight so I hope it goes well. Also, I can't remember if I told you about Thomas, but a few months ago, he was praying that God would send him the true gospel. The missionaries showed up a couple weeks later and he instantly recognized it as an answer to his prayer. He was converted and everything but his family pressured him a ton and so he kinda just fell off the face of the earth.. But we stopped by last week and he still wants to be baptized and he said we can start coming over again. I pray that he'll be able to make that step of baptism.

That was some cool mission stuff. Other than that, my sheets have a big hole in them.. so either you could send some or I can buy some. Please let me know ASAP. This past week, Elder Ensing and I BOTH got flat tires at the same time. No one could help us out so we had to walk home... it was like 3 miles and it took like an hour. Ugh it was horrible. Anyway, we borrowed the other elders bikes and we went out and I totally forgot my helmet!! haha Luckily we just had one appt with Bernadette who lives just down the street. But it was funny. Elder Ensing totally ripped his pants one day. He got a flat tire, and we walked to Alexandra's house. She didn't answer so we waited there for about 20 min and then as he lifted his leg up to get on his bike, his pants ripped like all the way down the bottom. So we had to stand there for like 30 more minutes waiting for the other elders to get us haha. It was way funny. The car has a thing called Tiwi. It's like a black box. Tracks where you are, your speed and other things. You can get speeding violations or aggresive driving. It's just to make sure elders are being safe I guess.

We went to teach an awesome guy named Jean and he was watching the Jazz game.. Ah I miss it so much. They were wearing their new green uni's. They looked so sick. Maybe an idea for my next package..... Paul Millsap.... haha Anyway, I love you guys so much! I miss you all. I can't wait to talk to you next Sunday!! I'll let you know the details. Thanks! I love you !