Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Dear family and friends.

Well... Merry Christmas! What a wonderful time to go fishing and chill on the beach and hang out in the sun :) haha. So fishing was good this morning. We went with Brother “C,” a way sick member, he's 6'9". We drove to like 8 different places because none were biting. But at the last spot that we were at, I caught big Peacock Bass! It was way cool. We were fishing for like 5 hours from 8-1. We were out west, so on the way home, we stopped by the temple. It looked so cool. I'm excited for it. I really hope I'm here to at least get to the open house!
Anyway, “R” was baptized yesterday. It was good. She has an 11 year old daughter who we'll try to get next week. It's just tough because “R” works every other weekend. We'll see what she can do.. Other than that, we have a few promising investigators.

I snagged a copy of 'Teachings of Lorenzo Snow' last transfer :) so I've read that a little bit. It's really good. I can't believe Coach Anderson left Utah State.. Lame. He sold out. Oh well. I'm glad the players are good. I gotta say, I'm also a little disappointed that Jabari is going to Duke. I hate Duke... But I guess playing there will help him the most. I'm excited for him to be in the NBA, whenever that is. Does he start Duke next season? If so I'll be able to see him play. 

Not a whole lot to say today. I'm just excited to talk tomorrow. No info on what time yet, but when I find out, I'll call and let you know. I miss you all. Love you!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Conference

Hello Family.

First of all, Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad! I love you guys! What a great day.

Well, my week was ok. We just had 15 blessings this week. Our goal is a lot higher this week, bt idk. We did meet some cool people last week that we'll follow up with and hopefully they'll drop into our teaching pool. We are teaching a lady, "R" who has a date for this Sunday. She was found just a couple days before I got here. She's really sincere and is accepting everything we teach her. But it is hard to contact her too. She has a 12 yo daughter as well.

Christmas Conference was pretty good. It was on Thursday. It's always to see a lot of friends from the mission. President Anderson did a good job too. Elder "R", Elder "B" and I all got matching Christmas ties and wore them there.
We have a place to skype. The ward mission leader, Brother "A" Idk what time yet, but I'll let you know. I'm not sure whether Christmas Eve will be P-day or not, haven't heard anything.

Have you seen the mini Preach My Gospel's? If you see one somewhere, that'd be nice to have.. I got all the packages and the prescription. I just don't know when to go get them. It's hard when you don't have a car... I got new tires though. All bike is fine. It's fun.

K I love you all. Thanks for everything. I miss you guys. Can't wait to see you on Christmas. LOVE YOU

Elder J Thorne

Monday, December 10, 2012

Back in Ft Lauderdale

Thorne Family and others...

Well. Yeah. I guess now the whole surprise aspect is taken out of where I'm at. haha. But I'll announce it anyway.. I'm in Fort Lauderdale East with Elder “R”!! Yep, that Elder “R”. The one that was in the MTC with me and “B.” So now I've been comps with both of them :) The last few days with him have been fun. We get along really well and work very well together. I live in the same complex as I did when I was in Plantation, but a different apartment. We live with the Fort Lauderdale Creole-speaking elders. They're ok... We hang out with the Fort Lauderdale South and Plantation elders a lot. Actually Elder “B” is in Fort Lauderdale South. With a guy named Elder “B” who is a good friend. I don't have the address yet, but I can get it and email it to you later. It's the nicest apt/complex I've seen. The clubhouse is super nice. There are computers (that I'm using now), free hot chocolate, a full gym, and a bunch more stuff that I'm not allowed to use. Haha.

But yeah, this area is so awesome. SUPER ghetto, but lots of nice people haha. Oh, and we're all bike..............................-__-............ haha. Which isn't horrible, it just takes my body a couple of days to get used to. And I have to adjust my pump and basal rate and such. Thanks for the prescription mom, it's hard to get out to get that exam done. I'm always just so busy. The Fort Lauderdale ward is pretty sweet. There are 9 missionaries in the ward! So you've got Ft Laud Creole (2), Fort Laud South (2), Fort Laud [North]East (us 2), and Fort Laud [North]West (AP's 3). So it's hard to have relationships with people in the ward. There's a huge disconnect. And we never get fed by any member's so I'm going have to start spending more money on groceries this month.. Oh, and I have to replace my tires on my bike. Ugh missions are expensive..

We have some pretty cool investigators. A couple dates for this upcoming Sunday. A couple that I've found with Elder “R” and a couple that carried over. But the area has been pretty productive so far. The Standard of Excellence for blessings in people's homes is 15 for the whole week, and I got here on Wednesday and Elder Rondo and I got 40 since then. So we're blessing a lot so we're finding a lot so we'll teach a lot and baptize a lot :) Best transfer ever!! Haha. K I love you all. I can't wait to talk to you and see all of your faces! I love you!!

Elder J Thorne

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the move again

Dear family,

This week was alright. Not a whole lot happened. We just can't seem to find any solid investigators. “C” and “H” dropped off.. We can't contact them. “S” is still solid, keeps coming to church and activities, but her mom won't give permission. Frustrating. But I guess none of this matters because I'm transferring... I'm pretty bummed. This ward is super cool. Lots of cool families. I am excited, however to hopefully go to a place that has more work for me to do. That'll finally be nice. That reminds me, remember the “Y” family? The one that sent you the picture of us making cookies. Well they moved to Michigan on Friday. Bro. “Y” got a job offer that he took and they wanted them up there soon, so within like a week and a half they had to move. We helped them out last Thursday. It's sad because they were a super awesome family who helped me out a lot. They probably didn't realize it but they've had a huge impact on me. They were so good yet so real about it. Which is exactly who I want to be. I got their contact info so I'm really hoping to stay in touch. I love them a lot.

Like I said, this week was uneventful. Did you see “RB” playing at the Christmas devotional? I did. That was cool. I haven't gotten an eye exam yet, I was waiting until this next transfer to do it. We helped an older couple in the ward put up Christmas lights last week. That was really fun. Made me excited to have a house of my own to decorate.

But yeah. I'm sad I'm leaving. But oh well. It's whatever happens happens. I miss you guys. Love you all.

Elder Thorne

Monday, November 26, 2012

This week was good

This week was good. We were able to do a lot more work. We were able to bless a lot of people’s homes as well which gave us more people to teach. Just a couple.. But that's more than usual here. We met a really cool family, “C” and “H” and their 2 kids. She has big desires to know more, him will probably be a little more work which is interesting because he's the one who let us in to bless his home. haha. Oh well. The Lord just softened his heart so we could meet her. Hopefully that will go well. She wasn't able to make it to church yesterday. We met her Friday, taught her Saturday and committed her to go, but we feel like it was because she was scared that she didn't make it. We'll get some members over there to fellowship her and help her overcome that. 
  So “S” is still coming to church. She gets a ride so she's still solid and everything, just we haven't really met with her since she's kind of at a standstill. But we try to see her once a week. She just needs mom's permission now, did I already tell you that? Probably.
  “M” was confirmed yesterday! She loved it. She was so excited all week. She's always texting us and talking to us about it. She was supposed to be going up to Tampa on Friday for a cousin's wedding, and she kept having a bad feeling about it because that's where a lot of temptation would be, so she listened to the promptings of the Spirit and decided not to go! She has a ton of faith. She's great. She added me on face so Hailey, if you can get on and do that.. Thanks.. And “P” “G”. He's the EQP here. He's way cool. 
  Thanksgiving was pretty good. The “G1” family had us over. The “G2's” in the ward were there as well. So there was a lot of food. Sister “G1” did the turkey 'El Salvador' style. It was really juicy and had some different spices and stuff. And you put it in a roll with different vegetables and some other things. It was really good. We were at their house for a while, then right after we went to a member of the Wellington ward with the other elders. The “L” family was baptized like 3 or 4 months ago. They are way awesome. I think I told you about them. They're the ones I have most of my pictures from. And I have a couple more from Thanksgiving.
  I'm going to try to go get the A1C and eye exam this week.
  Well.. I'll be home for next Thanksgiving :) So that will be good. And in a month we'll be able to talk to each other. I can't wait. I love you all! Oh and yes transfers are next week, so send stuff to the office later this week. k i loveeee youuuuuuuuuuuu.

Elder J Thorne

Monday, November 19, 2012

Feeling a bit sick and a baptism!

Greetings family.

This week was better. So I was starting to feel better this week, then on Friday, the day of zone conference, I got hit with a cold/fever. Maybe the flu. I don’t know. But I've been sick since Friday. So that's been lame. On Saturday, I pretty much just slept all day. The only thing we did was go over to Sister “S’s” house to visit with her and “M.” We had a way good lesson and chat. “M” was scared that maybe she'd fall back after being baptized and that she needed to know everything before being baptized. Well we testified and reviewed the baptismal interview questions and helped her see that she was ready. We were there talking for 2 hours and we asked her if she wanted to be baptized this Sunday (the next day) and she asked if she had to answer now. We said no, so she said she'll definitely have an answer by the morning. Well about 20 minutes after we get home, we receive a text: "Hey it's “M.” Let's do it tomorrow!!" So we had a baptism yesterday! It was super awesome. The baptism went great and after she got dressed and after the service was over, she was crying and saying she didn't want to leave because she felt so good and it was so awesome. And she sent us a text a couple hours later (I was still way sick and when we got home I just passed out on my bed ha), thanking us and saying how she's never felt more alive and more at peace in her entire life. It was awesome. Oh and at first I vowed that I would never baptize anyone on my mission, because I think the members should do it. But she asked me if I would baptize her. So I did. And in doing so I found out that I am getting a little big.... My white pants are SUPER tight. haha. I could barely get them on. I had to make a makeshift hook for the button so they would fit. haha. Dang it...... But other than that it was super good. 

I'm going to try to go get the A1C this week. I also want to go get an eye exam. Just to make sure everything's all right. I feel fine, just to make sure. With that, I was wondering if I could get some new glasses.... haha I know I got some right before I left.. But someone sat on them and they're way crooked now. And broken.. So that can be a Christmas present. Oh and also, I want a USB drive to store some stuff. Like to back up my pictures just in case something happens to the SIM card. I bought a 4 gb one, and it's already almost full. So if it can be pretty big that'd be nice.

Now that “M” is baptized, we don't really have a whole lot happening. This week was tough because I was sick. So this week we'll just have to work extra hard. I'm doing ok. Still just hanging in there. I can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas. That'll be good. I miss you. I love you guys a ton. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Much better week

Dear fam.

So “S” is still living in a hotel. But now she's down in Lantana which is in my old Boynton Beach area. She thinks that her family might be moving to Georgia where they have family. We'll have to see. I really hope her family finds a place here, or at least if they go to GA, she'll look up the church and get baptized there. 

We also have a way cool investigator name “M.” She's like 30(?) and she's living with/taking care of a member here named Sister “S.” They’re friends and Sis. “S” has been amazing to bring “M” to church and teach her. Pretty much everything we've taught her (like 3 times), she's already heard it or they've discussed it. It's been really cool. She's progressing really well. We just need to invite her to be baptized. I don’t know why we haven't.. I feel like the Spirit kinda held us back a little because she needed a little more time. Everyone is different and progresses differently. I've definitely learned that out here. I also have learned to love everyone. Like, before my mission, I feel like I loved everyone and tried to be compassionate to others, but just because I thought it was the right thing to do. But now I try to view everyone as a child of God and their potential. That's why I loved President Monson's talk during GC. I was thinking about that a lot, then he talked about it. It was way cool. 

So every Friday, we eat at the “S's.” They're a Cuban family in the ward and they've been baptized in the past 2 or 3 years. They love the church and the missionaries. Well.. The dad is struggling and the son-in-law, but the daughter and mom are active. But they love us and love when we come over. Anyway, they knew Elder “B” when we were here in January, and I asked if they've heard from him at all. And “M” (the mom) said that she had just talked to him that day, and that she was supposed to call him later that night. So she gave him a call and I got to talk to him for a little bit! It was so cool I guess he's Elders Quorum President in his YSA ward. He's awesome. He still says that he's been meaning to get in touch with you guys... haha but talking to him, he's got a busy life. But it was way good to talk to him.

So the sister's name that sent the pic is Sister “Y.”  She's way cool. The whole family is. They were actually on Super Nanny like last year haha their kids are crazy..... I talked to Sister “G” yesterday and she said that there won't be Pupusas at Thanksgiving..... :( oh well. I may just have to wait until I come home.

K.. welp... I'm good :) I'm glad to hear everything is good over there. It's getting freezing cold here again. 60 degrees. Ha. I'm gonna die when I get home.... haha I miss you guys! I Love You!

Elder J Thorne

Monday, November 5, 2012

A kind of rough week

Dear Fam.
What's up. This week was rough missionary work wise. I'm still having a pretty good time though. We had some cool appointments lined up this week, but none of them went through. Luckily we contacted a couple of them and set up new appointments. We'll see. “S” was able to come to church. Her family is at a La Quinta Inn just outside of the ward boundary but the YW Leader was awesome and went and picked her up. They came about half an hour early so we had a lesson with “S”. She's super solid, we're just waiting on parental permission.. I guess she bore her testimony in young women's and was answering all the questions. Other than that, still no real investigators. That's been tough. I got the pizza. Thanks, that was a good surprise. I'm pretty sure that the “G” family is going to feed us on Thanksgiving. They're the ones from El Salvador. So I'll request some papusa's. 
There's a recent convert here, “M”, who was baptized about 2 or 3 months ago. I don’t know, right before I got here. And she's Haitian and really really awesome and nice and sweet. She's got a great testimony and she really wanted to bear it on Sunday. When we met with her during the week, I told her that if she did it, then I would. So during sacrament, I could see her and she looked super nervous. She kept like starting to stand up then sit back down, then finally at almost the end of the meeting, she got up and did it. It was way good. So I got up too and did it and she was very happy about that. It felt good. K I love you guys. 
Elder J Thorne

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Ward

Angel Moroni Installation
Thorne Family…

Alright so first of all, I'm really happy and upbeat and loving life :) ha. The past transfer has been unproductive but I'm fine. You know me. These kinds of things don't affect me like that. So everyone doesn't have to worry about me. I'm doing good.

So the Royal Palm Beach ward met for the first time yesterday. It was good. A lot smaller, but really good. Our new ward mission leader is a guy named Bro “S.”  He was baptized 3 years ago. He seems really excited. “S” and her family got evicted last Monday.. We went over that night and they told us that they got the note that day that they had to be out in 24 hrs. It was really tough. We testified about Christ and faith in Him and gave them blessings. They said that they felt a lot better after that. Their family is currently in a motel somewhere so we haven't been able to meet with them. We referred them to the bishop to see what he could do but there isn't a whole lot. So we just keep praying. 

Other than that, this week has been good. We met some cool people this week. One couple that we met who's trying to get closer to God. And 2 Haitian girls who want to come to church. We've taught them both once so we'll see how they progress as well. I think that's it for our new investigator's.. We're planned to see some more people this week so we'll turn them into investigator's. 

It's still car-share here. We get the car one week then the other elders do the next. It's alright.. OMG. Guess who moved.. The “Bs!!” They moved to Idaho apparently. I guess he lost his job too. Super sad. I even wrote them and they weren't even there haha. It was like 3 months ago. I think. But yeah. That's lame. But yes mom, I got your letter. Thanks. It was really good. And dad, I love that talk from President Faust. I've been seeing/reading a lot of quotes that deal with adversity and such. They're really good.

Well... Not a lot going on here. Just the same old. Thanks for all the letters and emails and all that you do. I'm happy. If I'm ever not, you'll know. I miss you all. I hit my 13 month mark yesterday.. SO weird. It seems like just yesterday it was one year. ha. I Love you all.

Elder J Thorne

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Greatest Mission in the Land!

Dear Fam.
Idk if I've told you how transfers happen.. So I'll tell you. So on Monday we go out and proselyte (that's why it's called pros [pross] Monday). And usually those days are way bad because it's been Forever since the last p day it seems like. We come home and do the normal night stuff. Then most zones do transfer calls like this: Everyone in the zone gets on a conference call and the zl's read off the info. Like, elder (), staying. elder () transfering. elder () staying and training. So they only tell you if you're leaving or if you're staying and if you're training. Not where you're going or who you'll be with or if you'll be a dl or zl. Then p day Tuesday is spent packing.. Then at transfers, the area's are read and displayed on a powerpoint and that's where you find everything out. It's really nerve wracking. haha. But I'm staying. Ha. So is Elder "W."And Elder "P." Elder "C" is transferring. Which I'm sad because he is a good friend. But I'm actually pretty glad I'm staying. Before yesterday was pretty rough, I didn't really want to stay here. But yesterday we found some pretty cool people.
"S" is still cooool. She had an interview on Sunday because she still feels a little bit scared about it. But she passed. It was actually at stake conference. The YW leader here is super awesome. She gave "S" and her sister, who we're also teaching, "S2" (she's progressing a little bit slower) a ride all the way up to Stuart. The wards here are great. We have a meal almost everyday. Not actually at their house, but they come drop off food a lot. Which is way sweet. And a lot of members are willing to come out with us and teach. This is probably the best ward I've been in. Well, I guess now wards so I don't know how that will work out. It was stake conference last week so we didn't experience the different wards yet. It starts this week. The area's haven't been changed yet, I'm sure on Wednesday we'll have new boundaries. We live only like 1/2 mile from the border of the new ward so it's not bad. And I'm guessing we'll get a car since our area is really big. Hopefully, but we'll see.
Another transfer here in Wellington/Royal Palm Beach. I'm excited but it will be tough. Oh well. I'm still having fun and a good time.  I'm really happy. I hope you all are too. I can't wait to see you all again! I miss you and love you!
Elder JR Thorne

Then, this from the Mission President's email to the missionaries:

"We just got word last week that the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission is the highest baptizing Mission in the United States and Canada. This hasn’t happened out of the Utah Missions in a long time I am told. What an honor to know that you missionaries are working so hard and reaping such great miracles in finding the elect of God. I wasn’t going to announce this because we shouldn’t compare with others, but General Authorities are telling other leaders and I rather you hear it from me. Remember God’s hand is in this work and he has poured out his Spirit to make us instruments in His hands. You are amazing missionaries and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of your Mission."

No wonder they call this the Greatest Mission in the Land!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ward Split

Dear fam,
Hey. So this week has been pretty crazy. I got transfered... kinda. The Wellington ward split yesterday. So now there's a Wellington ward and a Royal Palm Beach ward. Our areas and the ward boundaries aren't lined up, but we'll probably be the Royal Palm ward. For now I guess we cover both. Because they haven't told us anything. Apparently President Anderson didn't even know about the split. Ha. But I don’t know. We'll see what happens. Transfers are next week so I might not even be here.
“S” is still cool. Not good because if we do change, then she'll be in the Wellington ward. We'll just have to baptize her before any changes happen with us. She came to church yesterday like 5 min late, so we didn't see her at all. She sat on the couch by the bishop's office and listened to all of Sacrament Meeting. It was 2 hours long because the Bishop and his wife bore their testimonies, the new counselor's did, and the new bishop's and their wives. After church (somehow “S” made it to young women's), we asked her how she liked church and she was like, "I liked it a lot, I don’t why everyone was crying though.." haha it was funny. But everything should be progressing fast with her now. 
So the only thing I want when I get home is a new iPhone with my music on it, and a new pair of Beats Studio. We were at a recent convert's on Friday for dinner and his wife had just bought him some and they were soo cool! Ah I was so jealous right then. And when I was at the hospital for Elder “W,” it was on ESPN :) but they also had a Beats commercial that they came out with a bunch of new colors. I've already talked to Hailey about this. But make sure that they're at the airport waiting for me too ;) haha 
I'm doing good. I'm happy. The Beats made me super trunky but I'm over it now haha. Alright I love you guys a lot! Hope all is well and keep updating me on family stuff and sports of course dad ;) LOVE YOU!
Elder J Thorne

Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference

Conference was SOO good. Elder Holland’s talk was so so good. I'm listening to it right now. I loved it so much. Ah man. I can't believe how good it was. All of the talks were way good. All of the First Presidency did really good in Priesthood (sorry ladies). Dallin H. Oaks threw down as well. Remember the Oaks in this ward? Well his uncle is Dallin. So that's cool. I can't believe conference is over. Now it's back to the grind.. I have one more conference left... So weird. I come home right before next year's so if you could, I'd like to go.. I don't think I've been to a session. Maybe one but when I was like 7. Oh and I don’t know when he spoke but Robert C. Gay of the Seventy is in the Wellington Ward. He was here a couple weeks ago and he told us missionaries that our mission is one of the best in the nation. We're pushing the Utah missions in number of baptisms. 

We have a new investigator named “S.” She's way awesome. We met her and her family harvesting. We've taught her like twice and she likes it a lot. She's 17 and a couple sisters have sat in but it's mostly her. She came to the last half of yesterday afternoon's session and like it a lot. Especially Elder Nash's.. But at least she heard the prophet. We're seeing her tonight.

So since Elder “W” has been out of commission a lot, I've had the chance to study more. It has been really nice. Even though I'd love to get out and work, it has really brought the Spirit more into my life. I have really been able to learn more about our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love the teachings of Joseph Smith. I bought some new black shoes because my other ones were falling apart on the inside. They're nice and should last. Last week I also bought 2 journals. We went to Barnes and Noble to the journal section and I got a nice brown leather one. Then we wandered around and we got to the Harry Potter section and I found the coolest Deathly Hallows journal so I bought that one too. haha. Oh.. And last week, I washed my chap stick in the wash. I had gotten the bag of all of them out, there was like 10, and put it on my suitcase on the ground. I put all my white's on that suitcase to keep my shirts from getting wrinkled so I just threw them on top of the chapstick. Well I picked them all up in my arms and I guess accidentally picked up the bag of chapstick too... So I washed ALL of my chapstick.... :(

K I love you guys! Thanks for everything. I miss you and Love you all!

Elder Jaren Thorne

Monday, October 1, 2012

Half Way Point

Another week in Wellington. It's been fun but the work still is rough. We still haven't been able to get out as much as we want. But oh well. On hump day we had district training then afterwards we went to 5 Guys. Man it was so good. It's weird because it was actually on the 26th when things started to become "downhill". I come home September 26th next year.. I don’t know if you knew that or not.. But yeah. It's weird. I feel like I've grown a lot. Maybe. I still always feel like weird being a missionary. But whatever. I love teaching people about the Gospel. I've really come to understand the Savior and His Gospel more. That's been the best part of my mission so far. To learn for myself all these things. Not to be selfish or anything... But it's meant a lot. I love helping people accept it and live it too :)

On Wednesday, guess who was signed up to feed us that day.. The “A” family! (They all have different last names.. but that's what the ward refers them as) That was a lot of fun. The dad just brought home some KFC for us to eat. It was good. The two youngest girls won so they sat next to me. haha. At the end, I asked them (all the daughters, mom was in the other room) what their favorite part about church is and then to bear their testimony. It was great. The 2 youngest, “L” and “E,” were way excited because they were planning to bear theirs in fast and testimony meeting that Sunday. But it was awesome. The 13 year old, “D,” is way awesome. She has like the best testimony ever and wants to serve a mission and go to school in Utah. Then at the end, the 3 youngest had me write something in their BoM's. Ha that was a good day. 

That was the highlight of the week probably. When we were harvesting once, we talked to this lady outside of her house and asked her if we could say a prayer with her. She was walking out to her car to grab something so she asked if we could do it at the car. We said yes. So we walk over with her and I asked her if there was anything in specific that she needed from Christ at that time and she started crying. Then she asked that her back would feel better because she had surgery like 6 months ago and she needed to start working again so that she could support her family. It was pretty cool.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I'm almost out of chapstick.. I can't live without that stuff haha. Also, remember that Alex Boye article you sent? The one about him being homeless for his faith I think. Well it printed weird and I didn't get the whole article. And I kept forgetting about it. So can I have another one? I got the pizza and sim card. Thanks a whole lot. “S” is a cool guy. I don't remember him being at our house though.... But I do remember playing bball with him. Good times. Anyway. K I love you guys! I miss you all. I can't believe that it's all downhill from here. So crazy. But I can't wait to see what's ahead. I LOVE YOU!
Elder Jaren Thorne

Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in Wellington

Yep. I'm in Wellington again.. Except this time the North area instead of the South. I was way surprised. But I'm glad to get free McDonalds again. haha. My companion is Elder "W."  He's from Far West up around Ogden. He's pretty cool. He's been way sick lately so we haven't gotten out to work a whole lot, which kinda sucks but they're still trying to figure out what's wrong. The living arrangements are different than last time. Both set of elders live together now. It's kind of by the duplex I used to live in but now it's a house. A small house, but a house. It's super old so not way nice. The nicest part is the shower head.
It was way crazy to go back to church yesterday. I was way excited/nervous. I recognized a lot of people and more people than I thought recognized me. Which was kind of cool. I kept looking for my girls that I baptized but they didn't show up. We sat in the front of the overflow and almost the whole thing filled up! After Sacrament Meeting, "E" and "L" came running up to me and gave me a huge hug. haha. Man that was awesome. The whole family was there and it made me so happy. And a few people that I found and taught got baptized and were there. It was sweet.
Not much to say about the work yet because there hasn't been a lot. Wellington North is always way slow and unfruitful..... so I'm not thrilled. But I'm happy to be here. The South elders are Elder "C" and "P." "C" is from Kanab and "P" is half black.
I thought of a couple things that I'd like... haha. First is the "B's" address. I would like to write them. And Elder "C" has this Q&A journal that like asks you one question a day for 5 years and you answer it and see your different answers each year. I think that'd be way cool. So as you all know, my hump day is this Friday... it's so crazy. Anyway, the "S's" have us over for dinner every Friday so don't worry about pizza that night. But I Was wondering if I could get a gift card so we can all go out to lunch. There's a 5 Guys right by the mall.. But you can send pizza again. Everyone always loves that.
So yeah.. That's about it. I'm happy to be back in the ward. The area will be really tough.. but God gave me a mountain. k I love you guys a whole lot! see ya!

Elder Jaren Thorne

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A baptism and another transfer!

Alright hello everyone.. This week has been really good. I guess I'll start off by answering everyone's question if I'm staying or going......... I'm transferring :( I'm way mad and sad. This past two transfers have been the best two so far in my mission. Elder “L” and I have become really close. We're great friends. I'm sad I won't be able to kill him. The good news is that I'm back at the “P’s” house using an iPad to write my emails. The “W” family are still way awesome and will be baptized on the 30th. We've all grown really close to each other. I will give them your info to contact you. And I'll give you theirs too. They will know on Friday where I go because Elder “L” will tell them so they can tell you. They are way solid and will be fantastic members of the church. We met a couple other cool people that we're trying to baptize so I hope all goes well with that. They'd probably like a note ASAP.

I got the insulin and just got the other package. It's good because I'm on my second to last pod... I'll be sure to ask for some sooner. Oh and could you send me a new poker? This one is kind of broken and the top keeps popping off. 

On Sunday, we were riding our bikes and it started raining and we were stuck under a tree. It doesn't provide a whole lot of cover so it wasn't that good... I saw a guy at his house like 200 ft across the way waving us over. So we went and he let us in his house. It was this Jamaican guy and he saw us as representatives of Jesus Christ and so that why he let us in. He recited that as long as you do it to one of my brethren, you've done it unto me. You know..  But he was way awesome and he gave us some water and also some food. So guess what we ate... Pigs tail!!! Haha it was actually very tasty. It was called stu peas and it was rice, beans and pig tails. It was really really good. I enjoyed that a lot. Especially coming out of the pouring rain, to enjoy a hot meal. So that was cool. And really interesting. I think that was the most exciting part of my week. I'm really disappointed that I won't be staying here. It's so stressful to transfer. Especially to have to pack. UGH.. That's the worst. I hope to stay in my next area the remainder of my mission. Haha. I love you guys. Ugh.... I'm in a bad mood because I'm leaving :( but I'm sure I'll like my new area and all that. K I miss you all. But I love you more. Just one more year to go.. That's weird.. Haha I love you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Loving Plantation!

So we're at the library downtown today. A way nice library but I only have 12 min left :( time limits on these things... Anyway.. How's everyone doing? I'm really enjoying Plantation and Florida in general. It's been a lot of fun. I was so so happy to see "D" get baptized and confirmed. Her confirmation was yesterday and the 1st counselor did it, Brother "W."I'm glad because he did a fantastic job and I have a really good relationship with him. Will definitely be one to visit when we come back here.
We got a sweet new family that we're teaching that's a family of 4 (3 baptismal age). There's "P" and "D,"then their 14 month old daughter "A"and "D's" mom "D." But they've been looking for a church and have been to like a million. They know some mormons and said that they're like the happiest people ever so they looked up the church and were a media referral. They definitely have been prepared by the Lord. They came to church last Sunday and loved it. We also found a less active lady named "I" who has a 11 yo daughter that both came yesterday. It was "I's" first time in like 5 years so that was awesome. We'll try to baptized her daughter, "S". Actually it's kinda funny how we found her. So her older daughter 21ish, is way involved in another church and wanted her family to go with her.  "S" didn't like it and "I" knew it was false so they never went to any church. So "S" referred herself on so that we'd come over and make Ingrid to come back to our church. haha. But they're way cool. Everything will work out with them.
I can do without a GPS. Thanks mom for asking. Give me a week and I've got the area down :) haha.  Oh btw it's the last week of the transfer. So start sending to the office. Next Wednesday I could be in a totally dif place. Like Key West. Ha. Next transfer is the 5 week transfer so it will end Oct 24. Other than that... Nothing else too big going on. Just same old same old. All 3 of my roommates are sick and I've been good throughout it all but I'm starting to feel a tingle in my throat :( But I'm taking tons of vitamin c so we'll see..
K I miss  you all but I love you a ton more! BYEEEEEEEE 
Elder J Thorne

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Last week Elder "L" got pretty sick. So on a couple of days we kinda just sat inside most of the day.. It was nice but I wan ancy to get out.. So this week was a little bit rough... But... "D" got baptized!!! Ah man it was so sweet! So on Friday morning, she called us and told us that she definitely wanted to be baptized but she wasn't sure for this Sunday. We had an appt with her that afternoon (her interview) and we said "ok, well can we still do the interview? It will help you a lot." So Elder "B" (ZL) came and did it, and she seemed super happy afterwards. But.. she still wasn't sure. Elder "L" and I had a quick lesson with her afterwards and we found out her concern was what her mother, who is a jew, would say. Well we were praying like crazy and hoping that "D" would have the courage to tell her mom that this is what she wanted to do. Well on Saturday morning, "D" called again and said that her mom is totally supportive!! It was so sweet to see the Lord soften someone's heart and see His hand in this process. It was a fantastic experience. Finally after all that hard work, we had some success. Now we just need to find someone else to baptize... haha nah we have a couple cool investigators. We'll continue to work with them. 
Yes we had to get out and work yesterday on Labor Day. Not a whole lot of fun. It wasn't horrible because we had a couple appt's. It was hard harvesting because everyone was just barbecuing and didn't want to talk to us. Oh well. So this is Elder "L's" 2nd to last transfer. He leaves Oct 25, because next transfer is 5 weeks instead of 6. I think President sent you an email about that.. But we're good friends, everything is good. 
I don't really care to vote this year. I'd rather do it when I actually know something about the candidates other than one is black and the other one is mormon haha. So don't worry about that. Sorry I haven't sent the recorder, it's just I haven't been able to get the bubble envelopes. Oh, will you find some conference cd's that you can send? Like just on cd because that's what we use in the car. Maybe like the last two and 2010 Oct I think? The one where President Uchdtorf gave "Your Happily Ever After" in the YW thing. That's one of my favorite talks........... 
Anyway, how's the home life? Alright? It's the same old here. I've actually increased my kitchen skills immensely. Ask me to make you guys some Mexican lasagna when I get home :) K I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I miss you. But love you lots and lots. Byeeeeee

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Alright.Hello family and friends.

Welp, other than the hurricane (tropical storm), things are same old here in Plantation. Gian Carlos decided to peace out and move back to Ohio. So no baptism :( but we do have a lady named Dawn. We blessed her home like 3 weeks ago. She has seen so many blessings since we have met her and she pretty much committed herself for the 2nd of September! We've really seen a huge change in her. When we first met her, she was sad and angry and now she's happier than ever! I love the gospel and how it changes people. It's been awesome to see that change. She has come to church the past 2 Sundays. Everything should be good for her. 

The storm was pretty crazy. Where we're at it wasn't horrible, just another storm, but other places it was bad. After church on Sunday, we had to go straight home. So from about 1 pm on Sunday til 5 pm on Monday, we SAT at home. With nothing to do. We watched a few church videos but other than that, we just slept and ate. Which is the only thing we do at the apt anyway, but this time it was for 2 days. I was so bored. 

We're still knocking lots of doors.. We have great experiences blessing them but they never feel it a priority to meet with us, even though we invite them all to be baptized. So that's been pretty rough. Last Wednesday, an old couple from Boca Raton came down and took Elder Larsen and I to dinner. They're not members but have a really good relationship with Elder Larsen cuz he served there. I saw some big news about the Ohio State QB or something. It's bad for me to go to restaurants with TV's cuz it makes me miss ESPN a lot haha. But I can handle it for another year. Today is my 11 month mark... CRAZY! It's flown by pretty quick. Oh and guess what?! I can finally drive!! The office is in our area so we drop by at least once a week and I talk to the vehicle coordinator and he gave me everything I needed right there. So now I'm the big boy at the wheel. At first it was so weird! But now I feel back to normal driving. Anyway.. That's about it. We always work hard. Just this area is hard. I love and miss you all!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Keep pushing

Well.. There's not much to update on. But first off I want to give a big shout out to T going into the MTC this week! I love you man. You'll be amazing. 
Yeah like I said, not a whole lot going on in Plantation. 'twill be another short one today. We blessed a lot of cool peoples' homes, it's just that their never there when we come back. It's been difficult. "J" is getting hard to get in contact with. She has 2 kids, "W" 10 and "D" 8, so she's been busy getting them ready for school and all that. And I think I told you about "C". The guy who came to church with his aunt. He was going to be baptized yesterday, but he went out of town. But if all goes well, it'll happen next Sunday. We're pretty much just out here knocking doors all day every day. Which isn't great.  And it's not even the hottest months yet. I heard September is the worst. Oh well, your wife gets more attractive each door you knock in the scorching heat :) haha. 
I'm doing good. I'm getting pretty discouraged because everything's just been falling through. Elder "L" and the other guys in the apt, "H" and "P", are good and kinda help me wind down. Oh well, you just gotta keep pushing. Which we will. I'm sure someone's out there waiting for us. Yeah so I don't even know what to talk about. All of our investigators are pretty lame. I'm really liking Plantation, it's just a hard area. Thanks for everything guys. I love you.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Ward

Hey hey hey.
This week has been pretty good. Better than the past couple at least. I'm glad that I'm staying here in Plantation. Even though there's no hood and no cool black people and no receptive people, it's still pretty fun. The ward is cool and people are really funny and nice here. So there's not much to write about. I got the package. We finally got in contact with "J" and taught her on Friday. Except she had a couple of stupid friends there who were being way annoying. But we're going back tonight so hopefully it will be way better. 
Youth conference and the reunion sounds like a ton of fun. I miss doing stuff like that. The mission kinda has you going crazy because you do the same exact thing Every single day. P-days are definitely a must. Sawgrass Mall was pretty cool. I got a couple hats. I'm going to get one for each one of my areas. I have three. I'll get another once I leave here. I got a black U hat, an old school marlins hat, and a SICK heat hat. I took some pics of them. I sent the sim card last monday..... I hope it gets there. Man idk what else to say. We've met a couple sweet people but we need to go back and teach them and solidify their baptisms. Did I tell you that when we harvest, right after we bless peoples' homes, we invite them to be baptized? It's because the spirit is so strong there so why wait? It's actually been really successful. Well... idk there's not a whole lot to report on. Nothing reall cool happening. Oh wait.. So yesterday we were expecting 4 people at church, no one showed... But two less active girls came and brought their nephew (Non member) and we went over yesterday night and taught him. He said he'd be baptized next Sunday if he feels ready. But he's praying about it so he definitely will. His name is "C." 
K I hope that I'll have way more to write about next week. I miss you guys. I love you a lot! Bye!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Staying Put!

Whoa guess where I am? I'm at the "P's" house. Guess what I'm using? Their iPad. I feel at home :) haha. Anyway.. Hiii everyone! How's it going? It's all good here in Plantation. I'm staying here with elder "L"! I'm glad because I hate one transfer areas. Plus Elder "L" has been my fave comp so far. We have a lot of fun together, while still working hard of course. He's from bountiful and this is his second to last transfer! He's got three months left. 
Ooh. This morning all four of us went on a sunrise. We woke up at 5:30 (ugh) and went to the beach and saw the sun come up. It was way sweet. Oh guess what beach? Fort Lauderdale Beach! Remember the weird swinging tables and Bubba Gump and the swim Hall of Fame and that cool walkway? Well I was right there!!! I have some pics that I'll try to send home today, but it was so cool. We're also going to Sawgrass Mall today. Apparently it's like the 7th largest in America.. And a big tourist attraction. Oh which reminds me... Can I have some money to buy stuff? I'm getting something from each of the areas I serve. And I only have something frm Boynton.. So I need Flagler and Wellington and here. Thanksss.
So gator wise.. We met a way solid lady last Sunday, we knocked and she said come back Tuesday, so I thought it w no big deal. Anyway, we went back Tuesday and had a good lesson with her. She accepted to be baptized. Her kids are teenage/early 20's and I guess there like anti religion and think their mom is crazy.. But "J" was totally on board. She had us over on Thursday for dinner. So we were there with her and her 21 yo daughter. The 14 yo son was in the room and wouldn't come out at all. Even on Tuesday, he just stayed in there blasting metal. We've never seen him. On Thursday, "J" kept knocking on the door saying get some food. He just wouldn't come out because he hates religion so bad and he sees us as just religion. Anyway, I guess the next day the kid was talking to his psychologist and said that his mom was neglecting home and starving him because she was meeting with missionaries and just a bunch of crap like that, even though she was telling him to come get food the whole time.  So she called us and told us that things needed to be put on hold til she can resolve things with her son. stupid. (The other) "J" is still cool. After her trip she got really sick so we still haven't been able to see her. Everyone else is still kinda lame. Oh well. I'm happier this week. 
On Friday I went on 24 hr exchange with elder "S" haha remember him? It was kinda cool. Other than that, not much else is happening here. I love this iPad. That's probably why this email is so long. Or maybe it just seems long... Anyway. I love you guys a lot! Pics should come this week! Love you!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Everything is good here in Planation

Hello Thorne family
All is doing good here in Plantation. Remember back in March when we baptized 106 people? Well 100 has always been a mission goal. In the month of July, we baptized 141!! Isn't that way sick? Of course, Elder Larsen and I didn't contribute... But, it's still way awesome. We have 6 dates so far for August. So we'll definitely get some people dunked next month. "J" and her family are still way sweet. They were out of town this last weekend so she wasn't able to come to church, but we send her a scripture every morning and she really likes that. We had a way good lesson with her at a members' house who lives in the same apt complex. The kids were with their dad so it was just her, us, Sister "Y" and her two daughters, and the ward mission leader. So at first she was a little shy, but by the end she was good. It was the best lesson like ever. We just taught the Gospel and she understood it well, she's Catholic so she's heard it before.., but you could tell that the Spirit was there. It was so cool. 

We also have a guy named "J" that was a media referral. We just stopped by his house because we were right by it. He was excited to see us. He's like 30(?) and he told us all about his past and drug addiction and he's been clean and sober for 2 weeks and he wants to come closer to Jesus Christ. So we committed him to be baptized right there. We're seeing him again tonight.

Other than that, not a whole lot is going on. We're working hard and having fun. The mission is kinda going slow right now. Idk I've kinda been discouraged even though we're having more success and fun. But I hear that it happens to pretty much everyone at this point in their mission. So I'm sure it'll pass soon.

K so guess what? I haven't bought soda for like 3 months now. I used to buy some every week. But now I buy Clear American. Isn't that what you used to drink dad? I buy like 6 of the one liter's. And that's what I drink at home. K some spanish member here said that J. Marriott pays 90% tithing... There's no way that's true. Dad? haha. So remember how my areas just got more and more ghetto? Well this is definitely the nicest, but at the same time, I've never heard so much sirens in my life ha. At least twice a day we hear some sirens. It's kinda funny. We haven't made it downtown or to the mall yet. We don't have the miles.. So next P-day hopefully. I got the package. Thanks. Can you send me some food? Like chips and snacks.. I didn't have a lot of money on my msf so I couldn't get a lot of food today. So that would make me happy :) Look at mormon channel and watch the Alex Boye music video for "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today". And the "Stay Within the Lines" video. B Lomu is in it. Haha. K I love you guys! I gotta go play some bball. Love you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Service Project and a Trip to the Animal Park

Hi family, This past week for me was pretty good. We met a way sick lady in a complex that a member lives in. We knocked on her door and said a prayer with her and her 2 kids ("W" 10 and "D" 8). We invited her to be baptized and she was a little not sure since she was Catholic, but we testified and she said sure.. But, we went back on Wednesday or something and had a sweet lesson with them and her roommate, "G" 19. We basically just talked about the Atonement and "J" said that she really wanted to come closer to Jesus Christ and God. "G" has never been baptized so we committed them all for the 29th. "J" came to church yesterday too! The kids or "G" weren't there because they were with their dad, but she brought her mom. It was way sweet. She's way solid. Oh, and on Saturday I think, we took her over to Sister "Y's" and had like the best member present lesson ever. Brother "W" was there and we set up a couple object lessons for the kids, which they weren't there either.. But it still was super sweet. She's going to be out of town this weekend :( but it's looking good for 4 baptisms on August 5! I'm super excited.  On Saturday, there was a stake day of service here. We went to a 'scout camp', it was just a big field. It was right by the temple, so we got to see the progress. Not too bad. For the service, our job was to move picnic tables then we got to burn stuff for a while. That was fun.  We're actually getting fed pretty well. We had 3 or 4 last week and already have like 2 for this week.  I forgot my planner at home, which has all of the stuff that I want to write to you... Cuz I can't remember anything. Sorry. But here's some sweet pics.  I love you guys! Oh, mom, I have plenty of supplies. I'll let you know exactly how many next week. K i miss you all like crazy! But I love you so much more! Oh, and all of you should go to the temple as much as you can. I can't go til I leave! The day before we go home we go to Orlando. SO far away. So be grateful that you can go anytime you want! K Love you!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stay Strong!

Sorry I'm late today. We went to a place called Native Village today and saw some gators! Ha. It was way cool. I have pics but no cord to upload them :( and no envelope to send the sim card home. But it was super cool. I was talking to the zl's and I guess you can take vids. So there are some sweet videos too. Oh, and I got to hold/kiss an alligator. It was SICK!! 
Anyway. It was a pretty good week. "L" has been avoiding us... Probably ran into some anti. We'll try to keep going with her but it's been almost a week since we last saw her. We also knocked President's street yesterday. It's a super rich street so the AP's never knocked there because they didn't have the faith. But Elder Larsen and I did, and first of all, left 3 blessings, and found a way sick family of 7! We think it's just the mom and kids, but it was way awesome to have that much success on such a street. I'm glad my pic is finally on the blog. The "P's" are way cool. I barely got to see Fort Laud. We just drove by on the way home. Next week we're going to the mall. Sawgrass mall, apparently it's like the 15th biggest in the world. Then maybe the next p day, we can go see Fort Laud. I really want to. It's starting to get way hot. The humidity is way bad. It's so thick and makes you sweat a lot. There wasn't rain here for like 2-3 weeks but last week it rained a couple times. There's way awesome lightning/thunder here. Huge bright flashes and crazy thunder. I love it. 
Man, I wish I could be there for "T's" endowment. Tell him congrats and I love him!
Gator wise (investigator), we have a date with this Haitian girl that we blessed. She's at least 16 (we're not sure yet..), and she's pretty cool. We're still in the early stages, but we'll see how it goes. Also, a girl named "T" She really wants to be baptized, her fam might hold her back though... So we're trying to work through that. We gave her a BoM and she seems excited to learn. Umm.. Idk no one else like way cool. We've gone around and visited with a lot of members. The ward here is way awesome. Especially the ward mission leader. Bro. "W", he's way sweet. There's a way funny Chinese couple in the ward.  
I'm glad that my pants are finished, those were my fave. It's been a while since I've been able to wear them. Dad, those ties I sent home, you can wear them until I get back. Those are my nice ones so I like never wear them. But I want them back..
Ok, well.. Still not a lot going on in my life. Just same old same old. Working hard. Having a good time. I love it here. It's lots of fun. I miss you all. And love you guys like crazy. Stay strong.

Monday, July 9, 2012


How is everyone? I hope you guys are doing good. I love you all a ton.
Well.. Still a lot of knocking doors.. But we are trying to get out and see all of the members of the ward so we've been doing some stop-bys for less actives and we had a couple appts. with other members. We did find a really cool lady on Friday though. Our zone leaders, Elder F and Elder B, came and did a fire exchange with us. We just harvested with them, me with Elder F and Elder L with Elder B. Elder F and I had a good experience. We walked up to a house and there was a lady standing outside doing something. We told her who we were and that we were sent to leave a blessing. She said sure and we just prayed with her out there. She was crying at the end and we invited her to be baptized and she agreed! She was talking about her past and how she just wants a new beginning and she knew that this was what she was looking for. 
The 4th was ok. We went to a members house for a BBQ in the afternoon. But that's like the only fun thing. The pizza was awesome! Everyone loved it. And it was such a surprise because I didn't know my address.. But I'm sure glad you found it out somehow. Your guys' 4th sounds pretty good. I can't believe you guys can do those 5k's. I would never. We went jogging one morning and it was like the worst thing in the world. And we only went like 1 mile. Running in vans didn't help either.. 
But anyway, yeah there's not a whole bunch to report on this week.. Not a whole lot going on. I'll try to find cool things to write about. We might go to downtown Fort Laud today so I'll see a lot of familiar sights. Elder T and Elder H (they live with us) said they drove by a Bubba Gump Shrimp by the beach and I told them that it's totally the one we ate at while we were here! So cool.
Yeah but I love you guys. I hope you guys are happy. Even though missionary work is like the hardest/most disappointing thing ever, I'm happier than ever. It's because of the gospel and the opportunity I have to be around it and living it all the time. I've seen it change the worst people into solid followers of Jesus Christ. And they'll say it too, they're happier than they've ever been. Please, if there is ANYTHING that is getting in the way of you living the gospel, destroy it, end it, stop it. Don't let anything distract you from what you came here to do: receive eternal life. This life will be hard. And giving up some things will be very hard. But it's all worth it. Do you know how hard it is to be away from you? It sucks. But this is worth so much more. I would rather be dirt poor, with no friends and have the gospel than be rich, with lots of friends and popularity, without it. It means more than anything. Heavenly Father wants you back. 
I love you.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Hi guys. Welp... I'm glad you guys liked the message. She kinda just held the phone up to my face so I was a little caught off-guard.. Anyway, as you know, I'm in Plantation. It used to be the AP's area, but they sorta migrated to the Nova ward so there hasn't been missionaries here for like 6 months. That means we have nothing to work with. We have to start all from scratch. It's not fun.. We just harvest all day. In rich, white,  complexes... Oh, but we do have a car. Which is really nice. Before I forget, I want to wish Mom and happy birthday! And dad, happy father's day. Sorry it's so late. I've had a lot on my mind lately.. Anyway. Yeah Plantation isn't the best.. But the ward and members are way cool. They were happy to have us there. There are some cool members. It's really small compared to Boynton. And very very white.. But yeah that testimony I bore.. The 2nd counselor was conducting and before the meeting, he encouraged us to bear our testimonies, then like twice throughout speaking, he said something like, and we invite you members and guest and MISSIONARIES (he'd look right at us) to bear their testimonies. He did it in a joking way so it was fine.  A guy told me I had an elegant last name. The mission president lives in our area. So that will be kinda weird.. What if we see him just like driving around? haha. (He visits different wards all the time, so he probs won't be at church) And the mission office is in it too. It's super weird because the only times I've been to the Plantation chapel was for transfer meeting so going to church there was odd. The apartment is pretty nice though. I like it a lot. We live with the Fort Laud south elders. Fort Laud north and creole live in the same complex. I don't know the address... I forgot to grab it when we left.. Sorry. But I'm right by the office so it won't be a huge delay to get mail.  Yeah so being in Plantation means another thing.. Remember that lady whose house got saved from the tornado?  Well we stopped by her house on like Friday and talked to her. Elder K (the AP) told me that she wasn't progressing well.. But I went and saw her. She said thanks but it wasn't even like sincere. And I asked her about meeting with the other missionaries and she just said she has her own church. It's too bad.  Idk if he has yet, but a guy named M B will call you. Remember Elder B from Wellington? I think I told you a little bit about him. He's a good friend that just went home. I wasn't supposed to see him again but luckily I did. So normally, the missionaries going home go to transfers at like 6 am on Wednesday, go all day, come back to the mission home, eat and hang out, then leave the next day. So they don't actually go to transfer meeting. They just leave. But the temple is closed for a bit, so they went on the Friday before and they were at transfer meeting. I was so happy when I saw him. He's had the biggest impact on me and my mission so far. I can't even tell you how much he means to me. And when he got to transfers, he like sought me out, which was like the best part. I love him.  yeah I gave him your info so he'll be calling soon. Oh and dad, he gave me that spanish book so I want to keep it. I never use it because it's pretty advanced... But it has sentimental value.. K well, wish me luck everyone! I'll need it here in Plantation.. No it's fun though. I'm with Elder L. He's way awesome. We get along and laugh a lot. He looks like a mix between Elder Furch and Draco Malfoy. hahaha. I'll get a pic soon. I love you guys. Thanks for all that you do. Miss you. Love you.  Elder Jaren Thorne

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Transfer

So it was a pretty interesting week. On like Wednesday, we were harvesting and we knocked this door, and like 4 annoying little dogs started freaking out on the inside. So we were just like ugh, because that's never a good thing. Someone came up to the door and quickly just stepped outside on the porch, and it was an old man. Which is another bad sign (old people aren't receptive... at all). Well we introduce ourselves and say we're representatives of Jesus Christ and ask if we can pray with him. He goes, "Where did you guys come from?" Kind of an odd question, we just said the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And he's just like, ok let's pray. So we said a prayer with him right there. After, we asked how he felt and said we want to come back and share a message about Jesus Christ and he agreed. Then he goes, "Are you guys angels?" and he started to cry. We were shocked but testified that we were sent from God. He was choked up so he couldn't talk so he just went inside. Awesome right? Well we went back to our appointment like the next day and he was super Baptist and born again and lame. I was so mad. But the harvesting experience was awesome..

“S” is getting baptized on Saturday. That should be a good experience.

K on Saturday morning, we helped a family move out.Yeah. I'm getting transferred... Ugh. I'll miss this place a ton. I've grown to love it here. I'm pretty bummed about it. So can you make sure there's plenty of money on my card? I'm going to have to send some stuff home because I've accumulated a lot of stuff..I'll let you know next week about everything. Love you guys.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Spectacular lightning show

Dear Thorne family.. and others. This was an ok week.. We had an Amazing lesson with "S" last Monday here at the church (she was coming here anyway for the YSA FHE) Our appt. was scheduled at 6 but she called and said she'd be a little bit late, which was fine because  we had nothing else going on. She got there at 6:30 and that's when "B" (RM of about 2 1/2 yrs, Las Vegas) pulled in to set up for the FHE so he sat in which was really awesome. We were going to teach the Plan of Salvation, but after talking to her a bit we both felt impressed to teach the Gospel. We asked how her reading has been and how she has felt as she's read. She goes, "I'm starting to feel It now"... Elder "B" and my jaws just dropped. We were both just shocked, because that like never happens. It was so cool! So we kept teaching and invited her to be baptized. She was nervous and had some concerns because she felt like you needed to be perfect, but we read some scriptures with her and she felt better. Elder "B" invited her to be baptized on Sunday (yesterday) and I was a little stand offish because it seemed so soon.. But she accepted and we were super excited. Well she was very nervous and shaky about it so her friend who referred her called us on Thursday and said that they were talking and "S" felt like she wasn't ready so we thought an interview would help. It was really good but she was still not set.. So it didn't happen. But that's ok. She'll get baptized soon. I hope I stay for it. Oh yeah, transfers are next Wednesday! Crazy fast. So if you send something after like Wednesday, send it to the office just in case. "R" has been hard to meet with.. He works a ton and he's on call all the time so we haven't seen him since that first time. But idk if I've mentioned them before but there's an inactive lady, who we've worked with for a little while. But the last couple of weeks we've really pushed to help her and her family. Her and her husband (nonmember) have three kids, just one who's baptismal aged. They're super cool and she was baptized like 15 years ago and has been inactive for like 12.. but Bro. "R" (3 kids, all around the same age) came to see them with us once and him and the husband totally hit it off. Talking about tv's and grinders and other man stuff. And they were gonna come to church but apparently something came up... Which scared us a little, but the "R's" invited them to an FHE at their home and they said yes! So we're going over too which will be a ton of fun. Bro. "R" is like the coolest guy. I love when he comes out with us cuz he's way funny and awesome. Him and his wife got sealed just like 4 years ago because she wasn't a member and he went less active. But they are SO awesome.  Oh on Tuesday and Wednesday night, there was CRAZY lightning going on. It was so awesome. Like every 3 seconds there'd be a huge one. And super loud thunder. Way Way sweet.  That's been the highlights of the week. Not much happened. Same old same old.. I love you guys a ton. Thanks for everything. I miss you. Love  Elder Jaren Thorne  Oh remember the first time i shined my shoes and i was such a noob? well I've become quite the shoe shine whiz. I'm looking good now. oh, which reminds me, we talked to this old lady yesterday (Jehovah's Witness) and she was actually super nice. she complimented my grey eyes and said I had eyebrows that a woman would kill for. so thanks mom and dad. love you guys. and Hailey and Heather... and you too. bye!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another week gone by

Ok well hello fam.
This week was a little bit slow here in Florida.. We met some pretty cool people but we still have to work on helping them to progress in the gospel and commit to be baptized. There's one girl, "S", is Hatian and 18 and way cool. She came to church last Sunday with her friend "LD." She liked it and we went and talked to her and set up an appt for Monday (last P-day). She lives in Lake Worth. Actually north of our area. So SUPER far up there. Ugh that wasn't fun.. (We got permission to teach her since she has fellowship in the ward) Anyway, she's really cool and pretty much understands everything. That first lesson we just taught about the BoM and headed of because it was pretty late. We went back on Thursday and taught the rest of the Restoration. She went to the YSA activity on Saturday then came to church yesterday and is going to the YSA FHE tonight! The YSA has been awesome in bringing her in and being friendly.
We also taught another guy, "R" The sisters passed him to us a couple weeks ago and he was excited to meet with us, but he works a lot. We stopped by his apt on Friday but he wasn't home, only his wife and kids. So we decided to just teach them. The mom was pretty against the BofM, saying that she just needs the Bible. We were like, "Bible. Book of Mormon. Go together. Make sense?" and the kid was just like, "Yes.." because the mom just couldn't get that we believe in both. So that was kind of a rough lesson. Anyway, we went back on Saturday and met with "R" and that was like totally opposite. He was open and willing to listen. He said something like, 'my wife told me that you came over and taught her and gave her this book. When I saw it, I was so jealous.' haha. So we just explained it and read the first part of 3rd Nephi 11 with him and he loved it. That was a powerful lesson.

Those are 2 cool people we're working with. They should get baptized soon. Transfers are 2 weeks away!! Crazy right? It's been a good one. Oh yeah, we helped a family move in this week! I love it here. It is stressful and hard and tough and annoying and just wears you down to the very core. But I couldn't be happier. I love you guys.

Monday, June 4, 2012

An awesome week

Awe man. Awesome week here in South Florida. E got baptized!! We have been teaching her for a couple months now and she is super awesome. She always had a lot of great gospel questions and just took everything in. A couple weeks ago, we committed her to be baptized on May 27, but as it approached, she felt like she wasn't ready at that time. So we saw her last week and set up an interview with Elder Beard (DL) for Thursday. After the interview, Elder Beard came out smiling, he always smiles so we had no idea if it was good or what. Apparently it was one of his best interviews and after that, she was ready and way excited!! She said she wanted to do it on Saturday and so we set everything up and had one of the best baptisms I've ever been a part of. Whew it was so awesome.  And there's literally a BILLION gnats flying around. And we have to bike through them. So here's a pic of my face actually right before E's baptism. Crazy. That was awesome. Other than that.. We're kinda just starting on square one. We left a lot of blessings in peoples' homes, and even set up return appointments, but they keep falling through or whatever. So we don't have a whole lot to work with now. 

There's a really amazing talk on the Atonement by I think Cleon Skousen. I read it in Flagler and really wish I would have made a copy, but could you try to track it down and send it? Thanks. And thanks for sending all of that stuff. I'm excited to get it. I got the iPod (I don't think I answered you yet) And I have plenty of diabetes supplies. Oh, and one more thing you could send, some slim jims. 

I think that's good, dad, that you are making a prof. I also would encourage all of you to make one. It's an amazing tool that the Church has to share/spread the gospel. It's really fun to go on there and see other people and their stories. 

So this past couple of weeks, I've been studying the BoM. Like really studying it, not just reading. And it's been one of the best experiences ever. I've really gotten deep into it and I've learned a ton and have just loved it. I'm only on 2Nephi now but I've learned a lot more than I ever had before. My love for the Book of Mormon has just sky rocketed. I can't believe that anyone wouldn't want to read it themselves. It just befuddles me. 

Well, other than that, things with Elder Bloom are still sweet. We're having a good time. I love it out here. I miss you all a ton but there's no place I'd rather be. I love you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain every day

Well, today is P day since yesterday was a holiday. We only found out on Thursday... so I'm getting back to you a little bit late.. But hey what can you do. Oh yeah so about the rain... It pours Every single day. It's SO annoying. haha. But it's kinda fun. I was thinking I could get a rain jacket. Could you buy me one actually? A really nice one. Like from the internet. And I can't get on the internet.. A conservative black one. Oh and I gave away one of my umbrella's away yesterday. We were riding home to meet an exchange and it was coming down hard. We were riding with our umbrellas (we still got soaked, it just made us feel better) and as we crossed a street, another lady was walking towards us without one so I stopped and gave her mine. It didn't matter cuz I was drenched anyway. But that was cool. Thanks mom. Oh and speaking of rain jackets and things I need to buy.... Remember how my grey jeans are way too tight? Well we did service yesterday and I put on my normal blue jeans, well, they as well are super tight. My legs and bum have gotten So big since I've been on bike. So I think I'll stop by Ross and get some jeans. I also need another umbrella cuz the other one broke.. I also need more bike tire tubes.. Ugh. That's been super annoying. All the flats. I'll also buy a liner or something.  Anyway..           H is super lame. He wants physical evidence of the Book of Mormon. We told him that these people are the primary ancestors of the native americans and he said "But who are they?" It was dumb.. Oh well. We met a couple cool new people. Like these two girls K and J. They're in their early 20's and we taught them both about the BofM (separate lessons) and they seemed real excited to read it. We'll see how that goes.. Have I told you about E? She's a super cool grandma who loves church (she's been twice) and she actually wants to be baptized again. Most people, actually everyone, says, "No I've been baptized before" and don't want to. But E does. She's way awesome. She was gonna be baptized Sunday but on like Thursday she said she didn't know if she was ready.. But yesterday we went over and talked to her and taught her out of the BofM and she said she'll do an interview this week and pray about being baptized this Sunday. So pray for her.. haha. I hope that will happen. JA is doing good. He couldn't get a ride on Sunday so he hasn't been confirmed yet.... But it's all good for Sunday. We went over Sunday night and he fed us Haitian food. It was 'mild'... Way spicy for me. I can't do spicy. Remember, dad, when you made me eat that super hot red thing at that asian restuarant? Yeah... I can't look at spicy food or asia the same anymore..... Other than that, no real cool mission spiritual things.. Lots of rain and finding. But things with me and Elder Bloom are still way good. I like that. Oh there was a zone conference on Tuesday which was way good. The first half was all about and getting us familiar with it and stressing the importance of it. Cuz we don't want people to look up anti-mormon stuff. Then the second half was about repentance. It was super good. Alright well, I miss you all. I love you. Thanks for everything.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Not so new companion

What's up. Santa Rosa Callifornia for T!? Nice! Ah I'm so excited for him! That's so exciting! Tell him congrats for me. Anyway, I'm sure you're all wondering who my new comp is... well you all know him....It's Elder Bloom!! My bud from the MTC!! Isn't that awesome? Ah man it's so sweet. I've loved it so far. It's definitely what I needed from being in a rut with a dying missionary. This week has been really good. We met some really cool people. Like Hannibal (scary name) He's Peurto Rican and wanted to know more about the BoM. He's pretty skeptical... but as he reads it, his concerns will drop. Oh, and J.A. was baptized yesterday!! It was so good to see that. He's the coolest guy. We also had another baptism, technically.. So when ELder Ensing and I were harvesting once, we met this Haitian lady named Promesse and we passed her to the Creole elders. They taught her and her cousin Angeline. Well I guess Elder Furner's new comp, Elder Beard, thought that it would be best to give us Angleine cuz she speaks english more than Creole. And that was on like Thrusday so we had that baptism too. Which was pretty cool too. But yeah two baptisms yesterday. NBD. haha no but Jean is like the greatest guy and I'm so happy for him. Idk. Other than that, not a whole lot happened. We're biking a ton more but it's ok cuz Elder Bloom and I just talk to each other the whole time. This is the first time where I'll actually be like friends with my companion. I'm excited for this transfer. Well, I love you guys. Miss you. I'm happpy and doing well. Love you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Staying put

Hello fam.
Well yep. I'm staying. I'm excited but also kinda nervous about taking over the area. Oh well. Just comes with the job I guess. Elder Jones is leaving too. He came out to the field with me (Creole elders come mid-transfer, so 3 weeks after) and he's been here in Boynton the whole time. So just me and Elder Furner are staying. It should be good. I have no clue who my next comp will be, or if I'll be sr or jr comp. You just find out on Wednesday. I'll let you know.. I'm so excited for Tanner Howell! I wish I could be there. That's so great. Remember, my guess is Singapore. Other than that, Idk what to say. I pretty much said it all on Sunday. I loved being able to see you all! I hate how fast the time flies as well. It's lame. But I loved every second of it. But yeah.. Yesterday was ok. Nothing cool. The wml, Bro. Dengg and his wife took us to lunch and then we ate dinner at the bishop's house. THat was really nice. I'm glad I'm staying in this ward, not necesarily staying on bike... Whatevs. K well I love you guys a ton! I'll have much more to say next week. Miss you. Love you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Flat tires and teaching a family

Welp, transfers are next week! Isn't that crazy? Time is flying by. Although it's pretty sure I will stay, still send letters to the mission office just in case. We have talked to a brother here, and he's gonna let us skype at his house. I'm not sure what time we'll be able to do it, but on Sunday morning I'll be allowed to call you and tell you what time, then hang up. So that may be what will happen.

Cool story... After preparation day last week, we went and taught a guy named Ray. He had stopped us on the street the week before, and told us how it's amazing to see people as young as we are to be doing such a good thing. So we asked him if we could come by and share a message. Anyway, on Monday, we had a super spiritual lesson with them (there was him, his wife, and his daughter and son) When we got there, only his daughter was home (she asked if we were the church people. which is suprising that he actually remembered about our appt.) So we just waited outside for everyone else. The mom got dropped off by some lady and she said she didn't feel good so she wouldn't be able to sit in with us. A few min later, Ray and his son arrived. We went in and the mom was just sitting on the couch resting, but she stayed there. Anyway. He started off asking about how to help his teenagers build strong faith and about fasting and other random things. After answering his questions, we just testified of the Atonement and the Spirit. I don't even remember much of what we said, but the Spirit was so strong. The mom said that right when we walked in, she felt the Spirit and felt a lot better. And Ray said that she's very skeptical but she loved what we said. We left a blessing in their home and it was amazing. When we asked them how they felt afterwards, the daughter, who was pretty quiet the whole time, instantly said she felt so good and that when I said her name she felt something peirce her heart. They all committed to be baptized! We were supposed to see them Thursday, but something came up.. We're seeing them tonight so I hope it goes well. Also, I can't remember if I told you about Thomas, but a few months ago, he was praying that God would send him the true gospel. The missionaries showed up a couple weeks later and he instantly recognized it as an answer to his prayer. He was converted and everything but his family pressured him a ton and so he kinda just fell off the face of the earth.. But we stopped by last week and he still wants to be baptized and he said we can start coming over again. I pray that he'll be able to make that step of baptism.

That was some cool mission stuff. Other than that, my sheets have a big hole in them.. so either you could send some or I can buy some. Please let me know ASAP. This past week, Elder Ensing and I BOTH got flat tires at the same time. No one could help us out so we had to walk home... it was like 3 miles and it took like an hour. Ugh it was horrible. Anyway, we borrowed the other elders bikes and we went out and I totally forgot my helmet!! haha Luckily we just had one appt with Bernadette who lives just down the street. But it was funny. Elder Ensing totally ripped his pants one day. He got a flat tire, and we walked to Alexandra's house. She didn't answer so we waited there for about 20 min and then as he lifted his leg up to get on his bike, his pants ripped like all the way down the bottom. So we had to stand there for like 30 more minutes waiting for the other elders to get us haha. It was way funny. The car has a thing called Tiwi. It's like a black box. Tracks where you are, your speed and other things. You can get speeding violations or aggresive driving. It's just to make sure elders are being safe I guess.

We went to teach an awesome guy named Jean and he was watching the Jazz game.. Ah I miss it so much. They were wearing their new green uni's. They looked so sick. Maybe an idea for my next package..... Paul Millsap.... haha Anyway, I love you guys so much! I miss you all. I can't wait to talk to you next Sunday!! I'll let you know the details. Thanks! I love you !