Monday, January 28, 2013

"Uneventful" week

Hey everyone. This week was pretty uneventful.. We stopped by “G” once, and he was sick early in the week. So we weren't able to contact him at all the rest of the week. So no baptism :( But... the creole elders baptized a family of 3 that Elder “R” and I found. And I actually taught them a couple times too going on exchanges. They were so awesome. The wife doesn't speak English so we passed them over. We met them like 2 days before they white washed the area, and we left a blessing in their home, and “M” (dad) accepted baptism and coming to church. He seemed super prepared so when the new elders came in, we told them to go see them. They went over last Friday, so like 10 days ago, and they were baptized yesterday! They were awesome. And I had a chance to gain a good relationship with them, and I’m sure they felt a special connection as well since we were the first ones over there. Unfortunately, they are moving on Wednesday up to Coral Springs. Which is only like 20 min up the road, but it's in a different ward. But they were so willing and so sweet from the beginning. They also had a cute little boy. I forgot my camera, but I'll get you the picture soon.  President Anderson gave me a blessing on Wednesday. We had a zone conference on Wed. That was really good. It was the north 4 zones so there were a lot of missionaries there. I got to see some good friends. So that was fun. Elder O. Vincent Haleck  is coming to our mission. He'll be here on Valentine's day.

We went out and taught some people yesterday. One girl we met the other day, had a sweet lesson with her. Committed her to be baptized the 10th of Feb. Then saw another family who came to church (a grandma, her granddaughter, and great granddaughter) (They're kinda solid) I'll let you know how they go next week. Who knows, maybe they'll be baptized haha. And we asked them how church was and they liked it and we talked more about the BoM. Good lesson.

Welp.. I love you all. miss you.


Elder J Thorne

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A better week

Dear Fam..

So “J1” came to church Sunday and loved it again. He's by far the most solid out of all of them. We went over yesterday, and he asked what and investigator was because he heard it at church (I hate that we call people that, then talk about them at church... haha), and we told him pretty much it's someone learning about the church. And he's like, well I'm not one right? Because I know about the church and I'm going to get baptized. Ha. It was so cool. He's way way awesome. We taught him about the priesthood, and he thought it was really cool too. He just accepts everything and loves it. He'll be a solid member. 

Did I tell you about “G?” The older guy? I think so... But he was supposed to be baptized on Sunday, but we went over on Friday and he had a job he had to do on Sunday.. But everything should be set for this Sunday. He's pretty cool. “J2” has kind of been out of contact for a while.. His mom had to be readmitted into the hospital last Friday or Saturday, so that's why he didn't come to church. We saw him once and he was really overwhelmed with all of the stuff he has to do. It's been pretty sad. He has to go up to Jupiter (it's about an hour drive north) a lot. His brother has been here from Houston for a couple weeks, but he had to go back so it's pretty much all on “J2.” I hope things get better.

Welp.. Things are alright here. Just hangin in there. Oh, so you know how we live with the Creole elders? Well both of them got transferred and so now Elder “J” lives with us. He lived with me up in Boynton, so that's been pretty sweet. And then real quick, I caught a tiny bit of the Falcons game on Sunday. We went in to bless a family's home and they were watching it. We got in right after Crabtree fumbled at the 1-yd line with about 11 min left in the 4th. So when we were done harvesting, I went back to that house and asked who won :) haha.. Ugh I'm mad about that ha. Ok well thank you all for everything. I miss you all but love you guys a whole lot more!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Staying put

So, both Elder "R" and I are staying here in Plantation. Remember Dahlila? (not sure how to spell it), but that radio host lady that we always heard? Well we were at Subway the other night and we heard her. It was kinda funny. Made me think of you guys a lot.. Also, my debit card expires in March.... so what do i do?

So investigator wise.. “J” and “K “are still way awesome. Still need to get married.. haha but they're working on it. We told them that one of us could get transferred, and they were like way sad. I didn't know they liked us so much ha. Like, I definitely have loved them, but it hasn't been like love I’ve had before. Like that probably doesn't make sense, but yeah. They love us a lot. I really hope they get baptized this transfer. “G,” is a guy that we're teaching made it to church on Sunday (we actually had to leave in the middle of sac meeting with a member to go get him) and he enjoyed it. That means he can get baptized this Sunday. Hopefully that will happen. “J,” our super awesome investigator, we lost contact with like on Friday. He didn't come to church and he hasn't been home or answered our phone calls. I think something may have happened with his mom.. But I'm not totally sure. I hope we contact him sometime soon. He's great. We also have a kid named “T.” He's 21. He wished he could have lived life different and really wants to change. He also was able to make it to church. Hopefully he'll act on the desires that he has, and if so, can be baptized on Sunday.

We started a bible study class in the ward. It's really good. It's held on Wed nights, the same as the other activities there. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week of January 7

So this week was okay.  I have realized that in this area, people are totally down to receive blessings from Christ, but do not do anything else.  We teach a lot of first lessons (which is "How to Begin Teaching"- Page 176 of Preach my Gospel, The Atonement, and boosting desire for baptism.) and we get a lot of new investigators, but no one really follows through commitments we leave with them.  It's really frustrating!  Like on Saturday, we had 10 people committed to come to church, 7 of them we got rides for.  Well, they all bailed so we had 0 people there.  Two of them were these girls we knocked into.  One of them said I was cute and told us she'd come to church just for me :), haha. So those two weren't that solid anyway.  But still...Why can't people just come to church?!

We found a sweet family on Christmas,  Actually 2 of the kids were just staying there for Christmas break, so they left.  But there's a guy named "J," his girlfriend "K," "J's" sister, "J" and her two kids, "D" and "S."  The two girls who left were 10 and 11, baptismal age...dang it! But they're really receptive! But they bailed on church Sunday!  "J" and "K' do have to get married or move out before baptism, but they should get baptized.

We also have a way awesome guy named "J."  We said a prayer with him as he was sitting on his porch. He loves and respects us a lot and we're really developing a friendship.  Hi mom is having health problems up in Jupiter, FL and he said her health has gotten better the more we've met with him!  When we gave him a Book of Mormon, he was so grateful and appreciative.. I don't think anyone has been happier when I've given them a Book of Mormon.  It was really cool!  He really wants to come to church, but his mom's health has made it hard.  He also wants to be baptized and has told his mom, his girlfriend and his neighbors about it.  It's awesome!  he is one I'll keep in  contact with after I get home whether or not he gets baptized.

I'm going to dinner with the "Ws" tonight.  I texted them last week about it.  It'll be good!  We're going to a place called Tijuana Flats.  They picked it.  I've ridden past it.  It doesn't look bad.  

I love you guys and Heather and Hailey a lot!  I miss and love you all a lot!  9 more months!  Isn't that crazy!?  School will finish up, then summer, then I'm home!  So fast!  I wish I came home in like April or May so i wouldn't have to endure another hot summer!  Haha!

I love you all!  Thanks for everything!