Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in Wellington

Yep. I'm in Wellington again.. Except this time the North area instead of the South. I was way surprised. But I'm glad to get free McDonalds again. haha. My companion is Elder "W."  He's from Far West up around Ogden. He's pretty cool. He's been way sick lately so we haven't gotten out to work a whole lot, which kinda sucks but they're still trying to figure out what's wrong. The living arrangements are different than last time. Both set of elders live together now. It's kind of by the duplex I used to live in but now it's a house. A small house, but a house. It's super old so not way nice. The nicest part is the shower head.
It was way crazy to go back to church yesterday. I was way excited/nervous. I recognized a lot of people and more people than I thought recognized me. Which was kind of cool. I kept looking for my girls that I baptized but they didn't show up. We sat in the front of the overflow and almost the whole thing filled up! After Sacrament Meeting, "E" and "L" came running up to me and gave me a huge hug. haha. Man that was awesome. The whole family was there and it made me so happy. And a few people that I found and taught got baptized and were there. It was sweet.
Not much to say about the work yet because there hasn't been a lot. Wellington North is always way slow and unfruitful..... so I'm not thrilled. But I'm happy to be here. The South elders are Elder "C" and "P." "C" is from Kanab and "P" is half black.
I thought of a couple things that I'd like... haha. First is the "B's" address. I would like to write them. And Elder "C" has this Q&A journal that like asks you one question a day for 5 years and you answer it and see your different answers each year. I think that'd be way cool. So as you all know, my hump day is this Friday... it's so crazy. Anyway, the "S's" have us over for dinner every Friday so don't worry about pizza that night. But I Was wondering if I could get a gift card so we can all go out to lunch. There's a 5 Guys right by the mall.. But you can send pizza again. Everyone always loves that.
So yeah.. That's about it. I'm happy to be back in the ward. The area will be really tough.. but God gave me a mountain. k I love you guys a whole lot! see ya!

Elder Jaren Thorne

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A baptism and another transfer!

Alright hello everyone.. This week has been really good. I guess I'll start off by answering everyone's question if I'm staying or going......... I'm transferring :( I'm way mad and sad. This past two transfers have been the best two so far in my mission. Elder “L” and I have become really close. We're great friends. I'm sad I won't be able to kill him. The good news is that I'm back at the “P’s” house using an iPad to write my emails. The “W” family are still way awesome and will be baptized on the 30th. We've all grown really close to each other. I will give them your info to contact you. And I'll give you theirs too. They will know on Friday where I go because Elder “L” will tell them so they can tell you. They are way solid and will be fantastic members of the church. We met a couple other cool people that we're trying to baptize so I hope all goes well with that. They'd probably like a note ASAP.

I got the insulin and just got the other package. It's good because I'm on my second to last pod... I'll be sure to ask for some sooner. Oh and could you send me a new poker? This one is kind of broken and the top keeps popping off. 

On Sunday, we were riding our bikes and it started raining and we were stuck under a tree. It doesn't provide a whole lot of cover so it wasn't that good... I saw a guy at his house like 200 ft across the way waving us over. So we went and he let us in his house. It was this Jamaican guy and he saw us as representatives of Jesus Christ and so that why he let us in. He recited that as long as you do it to one of my brethren, you've done it unto me. You know..  But he was way awesome and he gave us some water and also some food. So guess what we ate... Pigs tail!!! Haha it was actually very tasty. It was called stu peas and it was rice, beans and pig tails. It was really really good. I enjoyed that a lot. Especially coming out of the pouring rain, to enjoy a hot meal. So that was cool. And really interesting. I think that was the most exciting part of my week. I'm really disappointed that I won't be staying here. It's so stressful to transfer. Especially to have to pack. UGH.. That's the worst. I hope to stay in my next area the remainder of my mission. Haha. I love you guys. Ugh.... I'm in a bad mood because I'm leaving :( but I'm sure I'll like my new area and all that. K I miss you all. But I love you more. Just one more year to go.. That's weird.. Haha I love you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Loving Plantation!

So we're at the library downtown today. A way nice library but I only have 12 min left :( time limits on these things... Anyway.. How's everyone doing? I'm really enjoying Plantation and Florida in general. It's been a lot of fun. I was so so happy to see "D" get baptized and confirmed. Her confirmation was yesterday and the 1st counselor did it, Brother "W."I'm glad because he did a fantastic job and I have a really good relationship with him. Will definitely be one to visit when we come back here.
We got a sweet new family that we're teaching that's a family of 4 (3 baptismal age). There's "P" and "D,"then their 14 month old daughter "A"and "D's" mom "D." But they've been looking for a church and have been to like a million. They know some mormons and said that they're like the happiest people ever so they looked up the church and were a media referral. They definitely have been prepared by the Lord. They came to church last Sunday and loved it. We also found a less active lady named "I" who has a 11 yo daughter that both came yesterday. It was "I's" first time in like 5 years so that was awesome. We'll try to baptized her daughter, "S". Actually it's kinda funny how we found her. So her older daughter 21ish, is way involved in another church and wanted her family to go with her.  "S" didn't like it and "I" knew it was false so they never went to any church. So "S" referred herself on so that we'd come over and make Ingrid to come back to our church. haha. But they're way cool. Everything will work out with them.
I can do without a GPS. Thanks mom for asking. Give me a week and I've got the area down :) haha.  Oh btw it's the last week of the transfer. So start sending to the office. Next Wednesday I could be in a totally dif place. Like Key West. Ha. Next transfer is the 5 week transfer so it will end Oct 24. Other than that... Nothing else too big going on. Just same old same old. All 3 of my roommates are sick and I've been good throughout it all but I'm starting to feel a tingle in my throat :( But I'm taking tons of vitamin c so we'll see..
K I miss  you all but I love you a ton more! BYEEEEEEEE 
Elder J Thorne

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Last week Elder "L" got pretty sick. So on a couple of days we kinda just sat inside most of the day.. It was nice but I wan ancy to get out.. So this week was a little bit rough... But... "D" got baptized!!! Ah man it was so sweet! So on Friday morning, she called us and told us that she definitely wanted to be baptized but she wasn't sure for this Sunday. We had an appt with her that afternoon (her interview) and we said "ok, well can we still do the interview? It will help you a lot." So Elder "B" (ZL) came and did it, and she seemed super happy afterwards. But.. she still wasn't sure. Elder "L" and I had a quick lesson with her afterwards and we found out her concern was what her mother, who is a jew, would say. Well we were praying like crazy and hoping that "D" would have the courage to tell her mom that this is what she wanted to do. Well on Saturday morning, "D" called again and said that her mom is totally supportive!! It was so sweet to see the Lord soften someone's heart and see His hand in this process. It was a fantastic experience. Finally after all that hard work, we had some success. Now we just need to find someone else to baptize... haha nah we have a couple cool investigators. We'll continue to work with them. 
Yes we had to get out and work yesterday on Labor Day. Not a whole lot of fun. It wasn't horrible because we had a couple appt's. It was hard harvesting because everyone was just barbecuing and didn't want to talk to us. Oh well. So this is Elder "L's" 2nd to last transfer. He leaves Oct 25, because next transfer is 5 weeks instead of 6. I think President sent you an email about that.. But we're good friends, everything is good. 
I don't really care to vote this year. I'd rather do it when I actually know something about the candidates other than one is black and the other one is mormon haha. So don't worry about that. Sorry I haven't sent the recorder, it's just I haven't been able to get the bubble envelopes. Oh, will you find some conference cd's that you can send? Like just on cd because that's what we use in the car. Maybe like the last two and 2010 Oct I think? The one where President Uchdtorf gave "Your Happily Ever After" in the YW thing. That's one of my favorite talks........... 
Anyway, how's the home life? Alright? It's the same old here. I've actually increased my kitchen skills immensely. Ask me to make you guys some Mexican lasagna when I get home :) K I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I miss you. But love you lots and lots. Byeeeeee