Monday, March 4, 2013

A new companion

Dear Home,

This past week was really good. My new companion is Elder “J.” He's from Mesa, AZ. He’s a pretty cool guy. We get along well. He loves basketball and the NBA so we talk a lot of basketball. Everything is going well with him. We had a really good last half of the week, since with “R” it was pretty much just saying bye to people. But we got out and got a lot done. Elders “J” and “V” stayed in the apartment with us. And Elder “B” and “A” stayed in Ft Lauderdale South. We're all becoming pretty good friends. The Plantation elders actually moved out of the other apartment (the one I used to stay at), and they moved to Plantation. I think that was last Friday.

This past few days have been freezing again! OMG it's so annoying. Especially when you're riding bike all the time. Ugh I hate being cold....

So the story with “J” and “K.” They can't get baptized just yet.  But they've actually been on my mind the last couple of days, so we're going over to see them tonight. “A” and “H” are still way awesome. “H” and her 2 sons came to church!! “A” had to work, but it was so sweet to see her sitting back there. She got there a little bit late, but “F,” the 8 year old, came and tapped us on the shoulder to tell us they made it haha. They only came to Sacrament Meeting but that's alright. Hopefully they'll get baptized on the 17th. That's what we're shooting for. 

I've been so exhausted all week. I was nervous about transfers, so I got barely any sleep Monday and Tuesday night. And of course there isn't any time to make it up during the week. So it's kind of hard to focus right now. haha. Did I tell you that I got stung by a bee last week? First time in my life. I was actually riding my bike, and it hit me in the forehead, then it got stuck in between my head and my helmet so it started freaking out. I hurried and hit it away and stopped, but not before it stung me haha. Also, some punk kids tried to steal my bike! haha. We take the front tires off and lock up the tires and the frame with a U-lock. Apparently (some little girl saw it and told us) they just had a hammer and were nailing my u-lock. Luckily it stayed strong and nothing was stolen, but they bent the frame and now the back brakes don't work. haha. so I don’t know what to do. I talked to the bike guy and he's not sure. I called CTR bikes and they were supposed to call back but they haven't yet. haha. But I've been fine so far. 

Thanks a lot family for everything. I couldn't do this without you guys. I love you all!

Elder J Thorne

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