Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Alright.Hello family and friends.

Welp, other than the hurricane (tropical storm), things are same old here in Plantation. Gian Carlos decided to peace out and move back to Ohio. So no baptism :( but we do have a lady named Dawn. We blessed her home like 3 weeks ago. She has seen so many blessings since we have met her and she pretty much committed herself for the 2nd of September! We've really seen a huge change in her. When we first met her, she was sad and angry and now she's happier than ever! I love the gospel and how it changes people. It's been awesome to see that change. She has come to church the past 2 Sundays. Everything should be good for her. 

The storm was pretty crazy. Where we're at it wasn't horrible, just another storm, but other places it was bad. After church on Sunday, we had to go straight home. So from about 1 pm on Sunday til 5 pm on Monday, we SAT at home. With nothing to do. We watched a few church videos but other than that, we just slept and ate. Which is the only thing we do at the apt anyway, but this time it was for 2 days. I was so bored. 

We're still knocking lots of doors.. We have great experiences blessing them but they never feel it a priority to meet with us, even though we invite them all to be baptized. So that's been pretty rough. Last Wednesday, an old couple from Boca Raton came down and took Elder Larsen and I to dinner. They're not members but have a really good relationship with Elder Larsen cuz he served there. I saw some big news about the Ohio State QB or something. It's bad for me to go to restaurants with TV's cuz it makes me miss ESPN a lot haha. But I can handle it for another year. Today is my 11 month mark... CRAZY! It's flown by pretty quick. Oh and guess what?! I can finally drive!! The office is in our area so we drop by at least once a week and I talk to the vehicle coordinator and he gave me everything I needed right there. So now I'm the big boy at the wheel. At first it was so weird! But now I feel back to normal driving. Anyway.. That's about it. We always work hard. Just this area is hard. I love and miss you all!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Keep pushing

Well.. There's not much to update on. But first off I want to give a big shout out to T going into the MTC this week! I love you man. You'll be amazing. 
Yeah like I said, not a whole lot going on in Plantation. 'twill be another short one today. We blessed a lot of cool peoples' homes, it's just that their never there when we come back. It's been difficult. "J" is getting hard to get in contact with. She has 2 kids, "W" 10 and "D" 8, so she's been busy getting them ready for school and all that. And I think I told you about "C". The guy who came to church with his aunt. He was going to be baptized yesterday, but he went out of town. But if all goes well, it'll happen next Sunday. We're pretty much just out here knocking doors all day every day. Which isn't great.  And it's not even the hottest months yet. I heard September is the worst. Oh well, your wife gets more attractive each door you knock in the scorching heat :) haha. 
I'm doing good. I'm getting pretty discouraged because everything's just been falling through. Elder "L" and the other guys in the apt, "H" and "P", are good and kinda help me wind down. Oh well, you just gotta keep pushing. Which we will. I'm sure someone's out there waiting for us. Yeah so I don't even know what to talk about. All of our investigators are pretty lame. I'm really liking Plantation, it's just a hard area. Thanks for everything guys. I love you.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Ward

Hey hey hey.
This week has been pretty good. Better than the past couple at least. I'm glad that I'm staying here in Plantation. Even though there's no hood and no cool black people and no receptive people, it's still pretty fun. The ward is cool and people are really funny and nice here. So there's not much to write about. I got the package. We finally got in contact with "J" and taught her on Friday. Except she had a couple of stupid friends there who were being way annoying. But we're going back tonight so hopefully it will be way better. 
Youth conference and the reunion sounds like a ton of fun. I miss doing stuff like that. The mission kinda has you going crazy because you do the same exact thing Every single day. P-days are definitely a must. Sawgrass Mall was pretty cool. I got a couple hats. I'm going to get one for each one of my areas. I have three. I'll get another once I leave here. I got a black U hat, an old school marlins hat, and a SICK heat hat. I took some pics of them. I sent the sim card last monday..... I hope it gets there. Man idk what else to say. We've met a couple sweet people but we need to go back and teach them and solidify their baptisms. Did I tell you that when we harvest, right after we bless peoples' homes, we invite them to be baptized? It's because the spirit is so strong there so why wait? It's actually been really successful. Well... idk there's not a whole lot to report on. Nothing reall cool happening. Oh wait.. So yesterday we were expecting 4 people at church, no one showed... But two less active girls came and brought their nephew (Non member) and we went over yesterday night and taught him. He said he'd be baptized next Sunday if he feels ready. But he's praying about it so he definitely will. His name is "C." 
K I hope that I'll have way more to write about next week. I miss you guys. I love you a lot! Bye!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Staying Put!

Whoa guess where I am? I'm at the "P's" house. Guess what I'm using? Their iPad. I feel at home :) haha. Anyway.. Hiii everyone! How's it going? It's all good here in Plantation. I'm staying here with elder "L"! I'm glad because I hate one transfer areas. Plus Elder "L" has been my fave comp so far. We have a lot of fun together, while still working hard of course. He's from bountiful and this is his second to last transfer! He's got three months left. 
Ooh. This morning all four of us went on a sunrise. We woke up at 5:30 (ugh) and went to the beach and saw the sun come up. It was way sweet. Oh guess what beach? Fort Lauderdale Beach! Remember the weird swinging tables and Bubba Gump and the swim Hall of Fame and that cool walkway? Well I was right there!!! I have some pics that I'll try to send home today, but it was so cool. We're also going to Sawgrass Mall today. Apparently it's like the 7th largest in America.. And a big tourist attraction. Oh which reminds me... Can I have some money to buy stuff? I'm getting something from each of the areas I serve. And I only have something frm Boynton.. So I need Flagler and Wellington and here. Thanksss.
So gator wise.. We met a way solid lady last Sunday, we knocked and she said come back Tuesday, so I thought it w no big deal. Anyway, we went back Tuesday and had a good lesson with her. She accepted to be baptized. Her kids are teenage/early 20's and I guess there like anti religion and think their mom is crazy.. But "J" was totally on board. She had us over on Thursday for dinner. So we were there with her and her 21 yo daughter. The 14 yo son was in the room and wouldn't come out at all. Even on Tuesday, he just stayed in there blasting metal. We've never seen him. On Thursday, "J" kept knocking on the door saying get some food. He just wouldn't come out because he hates religion so bad and he sees us as just religion. Anyway, I guess the next day the kid was talking to his psychologist and said that his mom was neglecting home and starving him because she was meeting with missionaries and just a bunch of crap like that, even though she was telling him to come get food the whole time.  So she called us and told us that things needed to be put on hold til she can resolve things with her son. stupid. (The other) "J" is still cool. After her trip she got really sick so we still haven't been able to see her. Everyone else is still kinda lame. Oh well. I'm happier this week. 
On Friday I went on 24 hr exchange with elder "S" haha remember him? It was kinda cool. Other than that, not much else is happening here. I love this iPad. That's probably why this email is so long. Or maybe it just seems long... Anyway. I love you guys a lot! Pics should come this week! Love you!