Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jupiter South

Hey family.

Sorry I didn't write a full letter last week. We were all at the church and I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my friends, especially Sister “B.” Man It was a rough couple of days over there. I miss them all so much. That was the best district ever. 

Being in the trio was SO awesome. We had such an amazing week. Quick story from Fort Laud last week: One day (I think Friday), we were up by North Federal (20th East) and Sunrise (10th North). We were about to go harvest, so we prayed and asked where we should go. Elder “V”goes, "..by Bro. “B's” house." Which is about Broward (the 0 line) and 15th Ave (15th West). So we head over there. We drive right past Bro. “B's” on 5th, and Elder “V” goes, "Tell me left or right". I say, "Just keep going." We drive all the way to the end where it's a dead end, either left or right, I go "Go left". So we turn, go down the street to the end, park, and start knocking. We found an AWESOME lady named “T.” She is so prepared. We arranged to go to her house on Sunday morning at 8:30 so she could follow us to church. So me and Elder “V” go over, her van's not there. We knock, nothing. I give her a call, rings twice, IGNORED. I was thinking ah crap. We were super worried. I had a really strong feeling to call again. So I did. She answered and said that she didn't want to be late so she had left already to find it on her own and she was already there! Miracles baby. God is good. 

  Anywayyyy.... I'm in Jupiter South. With Elder “W.” We live just the 2 of us down in Palm Beach Gardens. It's super weird since I haven't been in a 2 man since the first time in Wellington. It's whatevs. There's us, Jupiter North and Stuart North (sisters) in the district. I went from 10 to 6. Which is ok I guess. Everyone is just so far away! It's so weird. It's an interesting area. Jupiter has always gotten a bad rap. But me and my companion are trying to figure out a way to change that. The ward is pretty cool.  Nothing super cool happening here. We've got a couple cool people we're teaching and finding. We were able to go to a BBQ yesterday with some members which was pretty sweet. Umm.. idk that's about it for now. No one currently preparing for baptism. We have some peeps that potentially can. We just need to get them more solid. 

  Life's good. I'm good. I can't believe I only have 3 transfers left. It's crazy. It's been awesome. Thanks for being the best family ever. I have no regrets and I'm grateful for everything that has happened to me. I miss you all like crazy. I love you a ton!

Elder JR Thorne

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