Monday, May 6, 2013

A good week

Dear Family

This week was a good week. A lot better than last. Unfortunately, “D” was not baptized. We were only able to meet with her once this week. We're going to try really hard to see her at least twice this week to resolve any concerns that she has. She was able to come to church though. On Saturday, I went on exchange with Elder “M.” He's Elder “B's” comp. He's like the nicest person in the whole world. We had a lot of fun. Most of my exchanges are just full of crazy situations and a whole lot of hard laughter haha. That was on Saturday. At like 8:30, the sisters called (Elder Thorne’s Companion) Elder “B”  and said that they had just met a less-active lady who really wanted to come to church and bring a nonmember friend. So the sisters told them that we would get them a ride... (-__- .. I know right?) We called a few people that night but had no success. In the morning, luckily we were able to get Bro “P” to go get them. They came and we met them and the LA lady's name is “G” and her friend/roommate is “P.” The sisters had talked to “P” about being baptized and she had said yes. “P” loved church and we went over last night with Bro “A” and had a really good lesson and she's preparing for this Sunday! We're super excited for that. We have found some good people this last week, I'll let you know how they're progressing next week if they turn into anything.. Ha. 

So Elder “T,” the creole missionary, has been having some health issues. He's had to stay home for most of the week. We're able to take their car when they're not using it, and sometimes we rotate where Elder “V “will go with either me or Elder “B.” It works out pretty well. 

This morning we went to go check out the temple! It was way sweet! I'm trying to upload pics, but it's taking forever...

Well.. that's about it for this week. Idk what else to say. I can't wait till I can talk to you guys next Sunday! Love you!

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