Monday, August 26, 2013

Week of August 19

So we're teaching this way awesome girl named “H.” She's the girlfriend of “A,” I don’t know if I've mentioned him yet. Elder “S,” had served in Jupiter South and he was on exchanges here a couple weeks ago. He wanted to stop by someone he taught while he was here, “A.” “A” was going through a very rough point in his life at that point, and didn't really want to meet with the missionaries.. Last Friday, we were on exchanges again, I was here with Elder “B,” we went to go see them. “H” was there and we went in and taught her about the Savior and had such a powerful spiritual experience with her. She doesn't really have a huge belief in God, but she started crying because of how good she felt. We constantly expressed our love and how we were there to help. She totally loved that, actually gave me a big hug before we left.. haha. Now she's pretty solid. It's just been kinda hard to meet with her since though.. We have had good contact through phone :)

     There's an awesome Venezuelan family in the ward named the “C” family. They just moved from Utah, and the dad was baptized at the beginning of the transfer by the other elders. And oh man do they make some amazing food. She used to work at Cafe Rio actually. Anyway, they have a chubby little boy named “F.” This is him:

Little cutie right there. He just came and plopped himself down right next to me and took my tag haha. 

     Welp, I'm staying in Jupiter South for my dying transfer.. Elder “M” is leaving though. So I get to go to transfer meeting :) I don’t know what else to say.. That's about it. We went bowling again last week :) I got a 198. I was so mad I didn't break 200, but it was all good. It's surprising since I haven't been in so long. We're going to the lighthouse today. And maybe bowling again. I love you! Bye!

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