Monday, August 26, 2013

"Did God send you here?"

Hi family.

   Kind of a crazy week.
    We went down to Fort Laud this week and the best thing about going down to Fort Lauderdale is going to BBQ King. The BEST pulled pork sandwich you'll ever have. With fries and a drink for $6.89. Ah. Love it. A must go when we come back to Fort Laud. But that was fun. I absolutely love Fort Lauderdale so so much.
     Yesterday was full of miracles. The rest of the week was ok. On Friday, we went on exchange with the other Jupiter elders. I stayed in South with Elder “T” (I mentioned him in my last email because he asked if I told you that he's from Roy. As a joke. So I did haha). We started out the day by going and eating lunch at Sister “G's!” She's the best. She's 75 and has read the BoM 79 times! She makes the best food too. Ah man, her cole slaw is to die for. I got the recipe :) I'll try to send it home today. (Also, side note. I'm going to start sending stuff home today, so if I could get some money to do that.. :) thanks). Sister “G” has us over every week we have the car because she lives super far away from us. I love her a lot. We eat out on her back patio since she's a widow. It's so good. After that, we went and picked up “MJ.” He's an awesome old guy in the ward. He loves coming out with the missionaries. I had no idea since no one told me, but it was a great experience. Nobody was home.. But it was a lot of fun. We stopped off at Wendy's to end our exchange with him. The day wasn't over however. We went down to the apt complex where a recent convert lives, and started harvesting. We walked over to the building that we were going to start off with. We knocked on one door, no one was home. We looked around, and I see a building all the way across the complex, and point to it saying, "We need to go there". It wasn't some crazy manifestation of the Spirit or some compelling force leading us over there, it just felt good. It looked cool. So we head over there, walk around the lake in the middle of the complex. As we are getting up to the building, a man was walking out of the building. Elder “T” thought to himself (he told me later), "We need to talk to this guy". He said he thought that right as I started speeding up to talk to him. We introduce ourselves and ask if we can leave a blessing with him. He says of course. Elder “T” asks if we can do it in his home with his whole family and he agrees and walks us up two flights of stairs to his apartment. There was “T” (the guy), then his mom and 4 other little kids. Elder “T” leaves the blessing and before saying 'amen', he blessed them, " know that we were sent by Jesus Christ.." After the amen, we look up and the mother said, with tears in her eyes, "Did God send you here?"    Yes He did “J,” Yes He did. They accepted baptism right off the bat, and are super excited to have these blessings in their life!
    So yesterday, we got a new ward mission leader. Bro “M” got released and is now the 2nd counselor in the bishopric! Super cool. And Brother “C” is the new Ward Mission Leader. He and his wife recently returned from a mission in Russia. He's pretty cool. We had a meeting with him and Sister “C” (who got called as a ward missionary) after church. We got home and ate, and afterwards, I got a huge headache. Like one of the worst I've ever had. We talked a little bit about what we wanted to teach our investigators later that day (I was laying on the couch). It's bike week (UGH) so we thought we might as well use the new guy and have him take us out so my head wouldn't be rattling around all night. He said yes and came and got us. We first went and saw this teenage girl “N”who has been coming to church for forever. Just hasn't agreed to be baptized. It was a good lesson and we made some head way with her. She prayed about Thomas S. Monson and for help to decide to be baptized. Then we saw and taught a super awesome lady that has a date for the 8th. As we came out of her apt (same complex as before), we saw a big couch on the side walk with a guy and 3 ladies standing by. We offered to help them take it up to their place. Took it all the way up to the 3rd floor. We then offered a blessing, which they readily accepted. After the blessing, Trelaine (the guy) was so happy. You could just tell he felt the Spirit super strong. His response to baptism, church and a return appt "Anything to feel like this all the time!"
     Super cool. Love you. K bye. 
Elder JR Thorne   

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