Monday, September 16, 2013

Start strong, finish strong!!

Yeah. So have I talked about “TB” at all? He's a recent convert that was baptized about a week before I got here. He's a super cool guy. When the missionaries first started teaching him, his wife “N” was super busy with work. She worked every day of the week until late. She got a promotion lately and was able to switch around her schedule which gives her Sunday's and Monday's off. In the last week of August, we went to go see her and invite her to be baptized. (She's had a ton of contact with the church and already has some really good friends in the ward) She told us she was going to be out of town for a couple weeks for her brother's wedding in Chicago, so we set her to be baptized on the 15th of September, 6 days after getting home. Time passed and we were excited for it, then the weekend before, last Sunday, I totally forgot that we had her for the upcoming week. On Monday, we texted her a scripture, and set up to go by and see her on Tuesday. Well we saw her, and at the beginning, just mentioned the word baptism, and she's like, "Yeah I'm excited for this Sunday!"  And so we made all the necessary arrangements, taught her everything, she committed to it all, and she was baptized yesterday! And confirmed because next week is stake conference. Man it was so good. We had dinner with her, her 3 kids and a part member family afterwards. So much fun.

Much a great experience. I bet you're all thinking, it couldn't get any better than that.. right? Well here's a story for ya. 

Tuesday night. Exchange with Elder “T.” We're in my area. We had an ok day. We had a lesson at a member's home with the >M” family, “B,” “J,” “K,” “K” and “M.” We were at the “G” and “E” “C’s” home (he played in the NFL). We talked about the priesthood. We gave them the big picture of having the priesthood in their home with Bill and them being sealed as a family in the holy temple. I go 

"And you know the first step.." 

And they were like yeah yeah.. haha. “B” was like, "I'll let you know my answer soon". 

And I'm like, "Ok you gotta let me know before the 26th". 


"Actually, before the 22nd, because after that things get really crazy." 

"Come on man I give you an inch and you're trying to take a mile!" haha.

 He was kidding of course. He's really funny. Anyway. We leave the lesson with no commitment. That night, Elder “T” and I are planning out the next day. We finish up and I hop in the shower because I have to change my pump. About 3 minutes in, I hear somebody banging on the bathroom door, 

"Elder Thorne!" 

I'm thinking to myself, 'What does he want?' "What?" 

"Uh.. “B” just called. He wants to talk to you"



PSH! Shower off. Towel on. Run out. Grab the phone. Call “B” back.


"Hey “B,” It's Elder Thorne. How's it going?"

"Did you even have time to dry off? Come on!"


"Ha nah I just wanted to talk to you! What's up?"
"I just got a question for you."



"What's your favorite color?"


I'm thinking like 'Are they gonna like knit something for me before I go home?'

"Um.. Purple"

"Hmm.. I saw you more as a blue guy.. So, do you want me to tell you my answer now? Or do you still want me to wait until the 22nd?"

"Tell me as soon as possible. RIGHT NOW."

"Ok. Ok. One more quick question. Do you only do baptisms on Sunday, or can you do them any day?"


"Alright. Well I have a pretty booked weekend, so I'll figure out my schedule and I'll let you know and we'll be baptized sometime next week."


.....NO WAY..... 

YEAH!!!!!!! I didn't know whether to cry or to scream, but I didn't want to sound like a girl in front of “B.” I was jumbling over my words I was so freaking excited. I didn't sleep that night. THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT.

Love you.

Start Strong. Finish Strong.

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