Saturday, September 7, 2013


We went fishing today! I caught a Jack something..
Man I can't even remember this past week.. Elder Soares of the Presidency of the 70 is coming here on Saturday for a mission conference! Super excited for that. 
We've been teaching a lady named “J,” who we met last Sunday. She has progressed super God's hand in her life in some way. She has really wanted to give it all to God, but didn't really know how. She had prayed for someone to help, and we showed up! She loves when we come by and teach her ways that she can have more peace in her life and have more of God's help. She is hesitant at first, saying she loved tea too much. But luckily we had a sweet member there who also had to give up coffee and tea for her baptism. “J” committed and she gave us her coffee filters and her box of tea right there! It was awesome to see how much faith she has! We went over a couple days later (She had to miss church because she opened at work), and she said that she was tempted to drink tea but she didn't! And she said she felt so good because of it. 
It's been crazy to see all these miracles every day. I love it. It's coming to a close but I'm not. I'm going to keep fighting till the end. Even though I'm super exhausted haha. I can't wait to go to General Conference! Ah it's the best. That Sunday is actually Sister “B's” birthday. Random fact. I love you all!

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