Monday, March 19, 2012

Hard, but a good week!

This week has been good. Pretty hard, but at the same time, good. A lot of our investigators dropped us... So we've just been doing a lot of harvesting. Which isn't fun at all. Eh. Whatever. We did find a couple really cool people though. Anyway, Elder Gonzalez was super good on Friday. He is super awesome and way funny. I hope he speaks at General Conference. It was like the best meeting I've had on my mission. It was a "half" mission conference so all the north zones were together and then all the south zones. So I saw Elder Shaffer and we talked about Wellington. The father of the family was baptized! He told me a couple days before and I wanted to get permission to attend, but I didn't. It's so cool. Nothing else too exciting up there. I have the sim card of the pictures of their baptisms but it's been so long because I had Bernadette's wedding photos on it so i had to wait until I gave them to her. But I'll send it today. I got the box with the water thing. It's awesome. I love it. Don't worry, I put it in a plastic bag and it's ok.
So we were teaching this lady and she had the tv on and there was like a commercial about Elizabeth Smart like being exclusively interviewed or something. It looked like she got married? Idk. It looked interesting. Guess where I ate last Tueday? Popeyes! Mmm. It's on Seacrest and Hypoluxo. It was awesome. We went to this LA members' home and it's just a single guy and he had these licorice. but it was double salted or something, and as you know, I don't like licorice in the first place. But this stuff was just nasty.

And last week, we were harvesting and like the last blessing we gave, it was to just some guy. It was in his garage and right after he went inside and said, "Let me give you some water" and Elder Ensing goes, "No we don't accept that" And I'm just like what the heck. Why wouldn't we. haha. Anyway, apparently he said "an offering" not some water. So I got four dollars out of a blessing haha. In that same neighborhood, there was kids playing outside and this one 5 yo girl kept following us around telling us to go away and stop knocking on doors. It was funny cuz she just had attitude. At one point she told us that no one likes us and they don't want us there haha. Then the next day, we went to go teach a single lady and her 12 yo son and 6 yo were there and in the middle of the lesson, there was a silent moment and the little girl just turned to me and told me I was cute. So that made me feel better about myself.

Another nice thing that you could send would be those address stickers things with the mission office address on it. Like you can still write to my apt, but it'd be nice to just stick a sticker on my letters home. We did service on Tuesday for some lady that lives across the street from that Arabic guy and so i wore my jeans. Now before my mission those jeans were just normal jeans. But now, they're skinny jeans. My legs and bum are so huge now cuz i ride bike so much. There are stretch marks on my legs. I could barely move and we were pulliing weeds so it was way annoying. 

If you go to and sign in with your lds acct, then it has a way cool geneology fan thing. Except, when I did mine, I'm not connected to mom, so my whole maternal side is empty. Anyway, you should try it out. 

Well... That lesson with that single mom was super spiritual, hopefully she'll progress well. We found a cool Dominican lady who believes in God and Jesus but doesn't think religion is necessary, but she seems promising. She commited to read the BoM last time so we're following up tonight. I hope that will be good.

K I love you all! The church is true!!

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  1. Yes Elizabeth Smart got married in Hawaii to a LDS man (RM) from Scotland at the temple. It was covered in the news media, and even was on cover of People magazine. Most news media gave the church a positive spin on the story so hopefully it will help open a few doors for the spread of the gospel.