Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Elder!

As we've observed the birthdays of Jaren and Hailey, my thoughts have been this of Jaren (which are confirmed in his email this week):
"God gave you many gifts,
including a warm and caring heart.
& it's comforting to know
that you're out there
even though we're far apart"
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It has been a really hard week. Ugh. It was tough. I'm excited to get a break today and a nice meal and nap :) Wow transfers are next Wednesday so mail things to the office. You may be safe if you send them today or tomorrow, but after that, you should probably send to the office. I haven't been doing good with Spanish. In Wellington, I studied everyday but i felt like I studied the same things every day. Now here, we always have appointments at like 10 or 11 and language study is at 10 so I have barely studied here. And when we bike out and bike back, i'm way too tired to study anyway. I got the insulin about a week ago. So i'm good with that. Oh yeah, i don't think I told you but remember the family I baptized in Wellington? Well a couple Saturday's ago, the father was baptized!! It's so awesome. I'm so happy for them.
We had a lot of meetings in the past couple weeks from President Anderson. He has really grown as a mission president and he truly is inspired. I love him. One time, he was talking about the BoM, and he was talking about how it is the only book ever that has been reviewed and testified by Jesus Christ himself. It's in D&C somewhere.. But that's so cool. It's that important and inspired.
Ok. So I like to think of myself as a pretty charitable person. It's even in my patriarchal blessing. Anyway, I feel like it's a pretty good quality to have. But at the same time, I've given out well over $100 in cash to people in need.. So now I'm running low. haha. Just saying. Oh, I got the cheescake. But this time, it was destroyed. Kinda sad but it was still delicious.
There's like 3 or 4 pools at our complex and I've never had a bigger desire to go take a dip in my entire life. And it's only March. And you know that swimming isn't my thing at all. Being on bike isn't too bad. Florida is quite flat so it's ok most of the time. But the area we work in is directly east of us. Idk if you guys study the weather, but the wind comes in from the ocean, so it travels west. So when we ride to our area, we're riding against the wind the entire time. It's horrible. And the wind is pretty strong so it's like riding into a wall the whole time.
Mom, remember in my first area how the Braithwaite's always had us over? Well she made this super good cinamon carrot stuff that I loved. So can you call her up and ask her for it? Also tell her how I am doing and that I say hi.
I was gonna send the recorder and sim card last week but i decided that i'll use them today for my bday so i'll send them today so you'll have some bday pics. Mom, how is nusery? The nusery kids here are so cute. Lot's of little black kids.
Alma 26:2 is a great scripture. Just reminds you to always count your blessings. I wrote that in in my scriptures right next to it. This was a bad week. But it'll get better. Thank you for all the support. I miss you guys. I love you all!

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