Monday, May 21, 2012

Not so new companion

What's up. Santa Rosa Callifornia for T!? Nice! Ah I'm so excited for him! That's so exciting! Tell him congrats for me. Anyway, I'm sure you're all wondering who my new comp is... well you all know him....It's Elder Bloom!! My bud from the MTC!! Isn't that awesome? Ah man it's so sweet. I've loved it so far. It's definitely what I needed from being in a rut with a dying missionary. This week has been really good. We met some really cool people. Like Hannibal (scary name) He's Peurto Rican and wanted to know more about the BoM. He's pretty skeptical... but as he reads it, his concerns will drop. Oh, and J.A. was baptized yesterday!! It was so good to see that. He's the coolest guy. We also had another baptism, technically.. So when ELder Ensing and I were harvesting once, we met this Haitian lady named Promesse and we passed her to the Creole elders. They taught her and her cousin Angeline. Well I guess Elder Furner's new comp, Elder Beard, thought that it would be best to give us Angleine cuz she speaks english more than Creole. And that was on like Thrusday so we had that baptism too. Which was pretty cool too. But yeah two baptisms yesterday. NBD. haha no but Jean is like the greatest guy and I'm so happy for him. Idk. Other than that, not a whole lot happened. We're biking a ton more but it's ok cuz Elder Bloom and I just talk to each other the whole time. This is the first time where I'll actually be like friends with my companion. I'm excited for this transfer. Well, I love you guys. Miss you. I'm happpy and doing well. Love you.

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