Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain every day

Well, today is P day since yesterday was a holiday. We only found out on Thursday... so I'm getting back to you a little bit late.. But hey what can you do. Oh yeah so about the rain... It pours Every single day. It's SO annoying. haha. But it's kinda fun. I was thinking I could get a rain jacket. Could you buy me one actually? A really nice one. Like from the internet. And I can't get on the internet.. A conservative black one. Oh and I gave away one of my umbrella's away yesterday. We were riding home to meet an exchange and it was coming down hard. We were riding with our umbrellas (we still got soaked, it just made us feel better) and as we crossed a street, another lady was walking towards us without one so I stopped and gave her mine. It didn't matter cuz I was drenched anyway. But that was cool. Thanks mom. Oh and speaking of rain jackets and things I need to buy.... Remember how my grey jeans are way too tight? Well we did service yesterday and I put on my normal blue jeans, well, they as well are super tight. My legs and bum have gotten So big since I've been on bike. So I think I'll stop by Ross and get some jeans. I also need another umbrella cuz the other one broke.. I also need more bike tire tubes.. Ugh. That's been super annoying. All the flats. I'll also buy a liner or something.  Anyway..           H is super lame. He wants physical evidence of the Book of Mormon. We told him that these people are the primary ancestors of the native americans and he said "But who are they?" It was dumb.. Oh well. We met a couple cool new people. Like these two girls K and J. They're in their early 20's and we taught them both about the BofM (separate lessons) and they seemed real excited to read it. We'll see how that goes.. Have I told you about E? She's a super cool grandma who loves church (she's been twice) and she actually wants to be baptized again. Most people, actually everyone, says, "No I've been baptized before" and don't want to. But E does. She's way awesome. She was gonna be baptized Sunday but on like Thursday she said she didn't know if she was ready.. But yesterday we went over and talked to her and taught her out of the BofM and she said she'll do an interview this week and pray about being baptized this Sunday. So pray for her.. haha. I hope that will happen. JA is doing good. He couldn't get a ride on Sunday so he hasn't been confirmed yet.... But it's all good for Sunday. We went over Sunday night and he fed us Haitian food. It was 'mild'... Way spicy for me. I can't do spicy. Remember, dad, when you made me eat that super hot red thing at that asian restuarant? Yeah... I can't look at spicy food or asia the same anymore..... Other than that, no real cool mission spiritual things.. Lots of rain and finding. But things with me and Elder Bloom are still way good. I like that. Oh there was a zone conference on Tuesday which was way good. The first half was all about mormon.org and getting us familiar with it and stressing the importance of it. Cuz we don't want people to look up anti-mormon stuff. Then the second half was about repentance. It was super good. Alright well, I miss you all. I love you. Thanks for everything.

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