Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Staying put

Hello fam.
Well yep. I'm staying. I'm excited but also kinda nervous about taking over the area. Oh well. Just comes with the job I guess. Elder Jones is leaving too. He came out to the field with me (Creole elders come mid-transfer, so 3 weeks after) and he's been here in Boynton the whole time. So just me and Elder Furner are staying. It should be good. I have no clue who my next comp will be, or if I'll be sr or jr comp. You just find out on Wednesday. I'll let you know.. I'm so excited for Tanner Howell! I wish I could be there. That's so great. Remember, my guess is Singapore. Other than that, Idk what to say. I pretty much said it all on Sunday. I loved being able to see you all! I hate how fast the time flies as well. It's lame. But I loved every second of it. But yeah.. Yesterday was ok. Nothing cool. The wml, Bro. Dengg and his wife took us to lunch and then we ate dinner at the bishop's house. THat was really nice. I'm glad I'm staying in this ward, not necesarily staying on bike... Whatevs. K well I love you guys a ton! I'll have much more to say next week. Miss you. Love you.

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