Monday, June 11, 2012

Another week gone by

Ok well hello fam.
This week was a little bit slow here in Florida.. We met some pretty cool people but we still have to work on helping them to progress in the gospel and commit to be baptized. There's one girl, "S", is Hatian and 18 and way cool. She came to church last Sunday with her friend "LD." She liked it and we went and talked to her and set up an appt for Monday (last P-day). She lives in Lake Worth. Actually north of our area. So SUPER far up there. Ugh that wasn't fun.. (We got permission to teach her since she has fellowship in the ward) Anyway, she's really cool and pretty much understands everything. That first lesson we just taught about the BoM and headed of because it was pretty late. We went back on Thursday and taught the rest of the Restoration. She went to the YSA activity on Saturday then came to church yesterday and is going to the YSA FHE tonight! The YSA has been awesome in bringing her in and being friendly.
We also taught another guy, "R" The sisters passed him to us a couple weeks ago and he was excited to meet with us, but he works a lot. We stopped by his apt on Friday but he wasn't home, only his wife and kids. So we decided to just teach them. The mom was pretty against the BofM, saying that she just needs the Bible. We were like, "Bible. Book of Mormon. Go together. Make sense?" and the kid was just like, "Yes.." because the mom just couldn't get that we believe in both. So that was kind of a rough lesson. Anyway, we went back on Saturday and met with "R" and that was like totally opposite. He was open and willing to listen. He said something like, 'my wife told me that you came over and taught her and gave her this book. When I saw it, I was so jealous.' haha. So we just explained it and read the first part of 3rd Nephi 11 with him and he loved it. That was a powerful lesson.

Those are 2 cool people we're working with. They should get baptized soon. Transfers are 2 weeks away!! Crazy right? It's been a good one. Oh yeah, we helped a family move in this week! I love it here. It is stressful and hard and tough and annoying and just wears you down to the very core. But I couldn't be happier. I love you guys.

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