Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Transfer

So it was a pretty interesting week. On like Wednesday, we were harvesting and we knocked this door, and like 4 annoying little dogs started freaking out on the inside. So we were just like ugh, because that's never a good thing. Someone came up to the door and quickly just stepped outside on the porch, and it was an old man. Which is another bad sign (old people aren't receptive... at all). Well we introduce ourselves and say we're representatives of Jesus Christ and ask if we can pray with him. He goes, "Where did you guys come from?" Kind of an odd question, we just said the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And he's just like, ok let's pray. So we said a prayer with him right there. After, we asked how he felt and said we want to come back and share a message about Jesus Christ and he agreed. Then he goes, "Are you guys angels?" and he started to cry. We were shocked but testified that we were sent from God. He was choked up so he couldn't talk so he just went inside. Awesome right? Well we went back to our appointment like the next day and he was super Baptist and born again and lame. I was so mad. But the harvesting experience was awesome..

“S” is getting baptized on Saturday. That should be a good experience.

K on Saturday morning, we helped a family move out.Yeah. I'm getting transferred... Ugh. I'll miss this place a ton. I've grown to love it here. I'm pretty bummed about it. So can you make sure there's plenty of money on my card? I'm going to have to send some stuff home because I've accumulated a lot of stuff..I'll let you know next week about everything. Love you guys.

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