Monday, June 4, 2012

An awesome week

Awe man. Awesome week here in South Florida. E got baptized!! We have been teaching her for a couple months now and she is super awesome. She always had a lot of great gospel questions and just took everything in. A couple weeks ago, we committed her to be baptized on May 27, but as it approached, she felt like she wasn't ready at that time. So we saw her last week and set up an interview with Elder Beard (DL) for Thursday. After the interview, Elder Beard came out smiling, he always smiles so we had no idea if it was good or what. Apparently it was one of his best interviews and after that, she was ready and way excited!! She said she wanted to do it on Saturday and so we set everything up and had one of the best baptisms I've ever been a part of. Whew it was so awesome.  And there's literally a BILLION gnats flying around. And we have to bike through them. So here's a pic of my face actually right before E's baptism. Crazy. That was awesome. Other than that.. We're kinda just starting on square one. We left a lot of blessings in peoples' homes, and even set up return appointments, but they keep falling through or whatever. So we don't have a whole lot to work with now. 

There's a really amazing talk on the Atonement by I think Cleon Skousen. I read it in Flagler and really wish I would have made a copy, but could you try to track it down and send it? Thanks. And thanks for sending all of that stuff. I'm excited to get it. I got the iPod (I don't think I answered you yet) And I have plenty of diabetes supplies. Oh, and one more thing you could send, some slim jims. 

I think that's good, dad, that you are making a prof. I also would encourage all of you to make one. It's an amazing tool that the Church has to share/spread the gospel. It's really fun to go on there and see other people and their stories. 

So this past couple of weeks, I've been studying the BoM. Like really studying it, not just reading. And it's been one of the best experiences ever. I've really gotten deep into it and I've learned a ton and have just loved it. I'm only on 2Nephi now but I've learned a lot more than I ever had before. My love for the Book of Mormon has just sky rocketed. I can't believe that anyone wouldn't want to read it themselves. It just befuddles me. 

Well, other than that, things with Elder Bloom are still sweet. We're having a good time. I love it out here. I miss you all a ton but there's no place I'd rather be. I love you.

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