Monday, November 19, 2012

Feeling a bit sick and a baptism!

Greetings family.

This week was better. So I was starting to feel better this week, then on Friday, the day of zone conference, I got hit with a cold/fever. Maybe the flu. I don’t know. But I've been sick since Friday. So that's been lame. On Saturday, I pretty much just slept all day. The only thing we did was go over to Sister “S’s” house to visit with her and “M.” We had a way good lesson and chat. “M” was scared that maybe she'd fall back after being baptized and that she needed to know everything before being baptized. Well we testified and reviewed the baptismal interview questions and helped her see that she was ready. We were there talking for 2 hours and we asked her if she wanted to be baptized this Sunday (the next day) and she asked if she had to answer now. We said no, so she said she'll definitely have an answer by the morning. Well about 20 minutes after we get home, we receive a text: "Hey it's “M.” Let's do it tomorrow!!" So we had a baptism yesterday! It was super awesome. The baptism went great and after she got dressed and after the service was over, she was crying and saying she didn't want to leave because she felt so good and it was so awesome. And she sent us a text a couple hours later (I was still way sick and when we got home I just passed out on my bed ha), thanking us and saying how she's never felt more alive and more at peace in her entire life. It was awesome. Oh and at first I vowed that I would never baptize anyone on my mission, because I think the members should do it. But she asked me if I would baptize her. So I did. And in doing so I found out that I am getting a little big.... My white pants are SUPER tight. haha. I could barely get them on. I had to make a makeshift hook for the button so they would fit. haha. Dang it...... But other than that it was super good. 

I'm going to try to go get the A1C this week. I also want to go get an eye exam. Just to make sure everything's all right. I feel fine, just to make sure. With that, I was wondering if I could get some new glasses.... haha I know I got some right before I left.. But someone sat on them and they're way crooked now. And broken.. So that can be a Christmas present. Oh and also, I want a USB drive to store some stuff. Like to back up my pictures just in case something happens to the SIM card. I bought a 4 gb one, and it's already almost full. So if it can be pretty big that'd be nice.

Now that “M” is baptized, we don't really have a whole lot happening. This week was tough because I was sick. So this week we'll just have to work extra hard. I'm doing ok. Still just hanging in there. I can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas. That'll be good. I miss you. I love you guys a ton. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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