Monday, November 12, 2012

Much better week

Dear fam.

So “S” is still living in a hotel. But now she's down in Lantana which is in my old Boynton Beach area. She thinks that her family might be moving to Georgia where they have family. We'll have to see. I really hope her family finds a place here, or at least if they go to GA, she'll look up the church and get baptized there. 

We also have a way cool investigator name “M.” She's like 30(?) and she's living with/taking care of a member here named Sister “S.” They’re friends and Sis. “S” has been amazing to bring “M” to church and teach her. Pretty much everything we've taught her (like 3 times), she's already heard it or they've discussed it. It's been really cool. She's progressing really well. We just need to invite her to be baptized. I don’t know why we haven't.. I feel like the Spirit kinda held us back a little because she needed a little more time. Everyone is different and progresses differently. I've definitely learned that out here. I also have learned to love everyone. Like, before my mission, I feel like I loved everyone and tried to be compassionate to others, but just because I thought it was the right thing to do. But now I try to view everyone as a child of God and their potential. That's why I loved President Monson's talk during GC. I was thinking about that a lot, then he talked about it. It was way cool. 

So every Friday, we eat at the “S's.” They're a Cuban family in the ward and they've been baptized in the past 2 or 3 years. They love the church and the missionaries. Well.. The dad is struggling and the son-in-law, but the daughter and mom are active. But they love us and love when we come over. Anyway, they knew Elder “B” when we were here in January, and I asked if they've heard from him at all. And “M” (the mom) said that she had just talked to him that day, and that she was supposed to call him later that night. So she gave him a call and I got to talk to him for a little bit! It was so cool I guess he's Elders Quorum President in his YSA ward. He's awesome. He still says that he's been meaning to get in touch with you guys... haha but talking to him, he's got a busy life. But it was way good to talk to him.

So the sister's name that sent the pic is Sister “Y.”  She's way cool. The whole family is. They were actually on Super Nanny like last year haha their kids are crazy..... I talked to Sister “G” yesterday and she said that there won't be Pupusas at Thanksgiving..... :( oh well. I may just have to wait until I come home.

K.. welp... I'm good :) I'm glad to hear everything is good over there. It's getting freezing cold here again. 60 degrees. Ha. I'm gonna die when I get home.... haha I miss you guys! I Love You!

Elder J Thorne

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