Monday, November 5, 2012

A kind of rough week

Dear Fam.
What's up. This week was rough missionary work wise. I'm still having a pretty good time though. We had some cool appointments lined up this week, but none of them went through. Luckily we contacted a couple of them and set up new appointments. We'll see. “S” was able to come to church. Her family is at a La Quinta Inn just outside of the ward boundary but the YW Leader was awesome and went and picked her up. They came about half an hour early so we had a lesson with “S”. She's super solid, we're just waiting on parental permission.. I guess she bore her testimony in young women's and was answering all the questions. Other than that, still no real investigators. That's been tough. I got the pizza. Thanks, that was a good surprise. I'm pretty sure that the “G” family is going to feed us on Thanksgiving. They're the ones from El Salvador. So I'll request some papusa's. 
There's a recent convert here, “M”, who was baptized about 2 or 3 months ago. I don’t know, right before I got here. And she's Haitian and really really awesome and nice and sweet. She's got a great testimony and she really wanted to bear it on Sunday. When we met with her during the week, I told her that if she did it, then I would. So during sacrament, I could see her and she looked super nervous. She kept like starting to stand up then sit back down, then finally at almost the end of the meeting, she got up and did it. It was way good. So I got up too and did it and she was very happy about that. It felt good. K I love you guys. 
Elder J Thorne

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