Monday, February 4, 2013

Freezing cold at 60 degrees!

Dear family,
This week was ok. Pretty rough work wise. It seems like all the people we knock into have desires to be baptized right at first, but then one by one seem to dwindle off. Ugh... Thanks for all the support from over there. It really really helps. So last night, I was FREEZING. We were walking back to our aptartment at about 10 (we were home way late because Elder “R” lost his wallet at an investigator's house and we went back to find it), and it was probably around 60 degrees, and I was shivering and dying!! haha My blood has thinned a ton. I have no idea what I'm going do when I get home. haha. I literally might die of coldness.
Man so craziest thing... So remember “J?” The great guy who loves talking to us and loves and respects us a ton. Well we tried to go see him on Saturday night with a member, and we pulled up and he was outside and came up to our car and was like, "I'm just leaving to see a show at the Hard Rock. Sorry" And we were like ok. And he's like "What time is service tomorrow?" "9" "Ok I should be able to find it. Call me at 8." "Alright we will “J.” Thanks!"  So... we give him a call at 8 on Sunday morning to make sure he's still good. Elder “R” was the one calling. And I guess he says something like he doesn't want us coming over so much anymore. He's creeped out and feels like he's being stalked........ Way weird. He did like a total 180 on us. And the thing is, we've stopped by like 3 times in the past two weeks. It blew my mind. Like I didn't believe Elder “R” for a minute. Ugh... Dang it. 
And “G” has like vanished off the face of the earth. Man.... Missionary work... haha. Very frustrating at times....
But we have some alright people we're teaching. Ms. “J” and “D” are still progressing. They weren't able to make it to church because they had a ton of family come in for a funeral. But we'll see them I think tomorrow. Hopefully be baptized this Sunday. Also, a guy we met this past week named “M.” He's pretty old but he wants the Spirit more in his life. He's really connected with his church, but he did come to ours yesterday! It was a total surprise. We were waiting by the door people usually come in and NO one showed (out of the like 10 people we had committed to come on Saturday), and Sacrament starts and we're still out there just talking to the other missionaries and I glance in to the chapel and I see “M” sitting in the back row! He smiled and gave me a thumbs up. haha. 

K sorry I don't have any more time. I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Elder J Thorne

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