Monday, January 28, 2013

"Uneventful" week

Hey everyone. This week was pretty uneventful.. We stopped by “G” once, and he was sick early in the week. So we weren't able to contact him at all the rest of the week. So no baptism :( But... the creole elders baptized a family of 3 that Elder “R” and I found. And I actually taught them a couple times too going on exchanges. They were so awesome. The wife doesn't speak English so we passed them over. We met them like 2 days before they white washed the area, and we left a blessing in their home, and “M” (dad) accepted baptism and coming to church. He seemed super prepared so when the new elders came in, we told them to go see them. They went over last Friday, so like 10 days ago, and they were baptized yesterday! They were awesome. And I had a chance to gain a good relationship with them, and I’m sure they felt a special connection as well since we were the first ones over there. Unfortunately, they are moving on Wednesday up to Coral Springs. Which is only like 20 min up the road, but it's in a different ward. But they were so willing and so sweet from the beginning. They also had a cute little boy. I forgot my camera, but I'll get you the picture soon.  President Anderson gave me a blessing on Wednesday. We had a zone conference on Wed. That was really good. It was the north 4 zones so there were a lot of missionaries there. I got to see some good friends. So that was fun. Elder O. Vincent Haleck  is coming to our mission. He'll be here on Valentine's day.

We went out and taught some people yesterday. One girl we met the other day, had a sweet lesson with her. Committed her to be baptized the 10th of Feb. Then saw another family who came to church (a grandma, her granddaughter, and great granddaughter) (They're kinda solid) I'll let you know how they go next week. Who knows, maybe they'll be baptized haha. And we asked them how church was and they liked it and we talked more about the BoM. Good lesson.

Welp.. I love you all. miss you.


Elder J Thorne

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