Monday, April 1, 2013

Another successful month in the FT Lauderdale Mission!

Yeah I'm the district leader.. Of the biggest district in the mission! 11 people! Can you believe that? That's unheard of over here. The most I've had was 8, which was once. So it's been way crazy. Especially with 5 sisters. All living together... haha. but I really liked it. So they gave me the calling last Monday, just throughout the day, then later on when P-day was over, I had to do my first interview! haha. It was just an 8 yo kid luckily, super easy. But then I did a couple for the AP's at church. Which went well. I liked them a lot. Have I told you that we're in the same ward as the AP's? There's 9 missionaries in the ward. It's pretty sweet. 

Man, so remember “J”and “K?” “K” could get baptized! “J2” has 2 jobs, so it'll be super hard to get her to church. But “K” is down. We were SO close yesterday. She was actually all set. We went over on Wednesday night and had a super powerful lesson. Committed her to be baptized on Sunday. Had the interview on Saturday. But then on Sunday, she just got cold feet.. But she said this weekend should be good. She's like our most solid investigator, everyone else is kind of dwindling..

I'm so excited for Conference! I love conference. It's my last one... Crazy..
The specialized training on Friday was a ton of fun. It was so so good. Mainly about humility and diligence, thankfulness, teaching the Restoration early, and helping investigators pray. Super inspired.

It's pretty rough trying to get our area going with so many DL responsibilities haha, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. We should really start coming along soon.

From President Anderson’s email this week, “Missionaries, we have not only achieved our goal of 155 baptisms in March, but we have destroyed it with 168. How happy the Lord must be this Easter week to know that we worked so hard to bring these precious souls to Him. I am so proud of you, the Lord is so proud of you. We have another great week ahead of us as we Prepare for the Prophets and get ready to have an amazing revelatory experience at General Conference. Let us prepare ourselves and our investigators for this tremendously inspired teachings.”

I miss you guys a lot. Thanks for everything! I LOVE YOU!!


Elder J Thorne 

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