Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Story Behind the Picture

During a conversation with a co-worker this past week, I determined she would be at the airport at roughly the same time as Jaren.  We joked about her finding him and she took a picture of a picture I had of Jaren on a book shelf in my office.  I never thought Marcie would find him.  I wasn't even sure of the airline or the exact time of his flight.  All I knew was that he was scheduled to leave the MTC at 3:00 am and we were to expect his call at sometime around 4:30 or 5:00.  We waited and waited for his call.  Finally, at around 10 minutes to six, my cell phone beeped.  I was not a call, but an email.  It was from Marcie.  In all the anticipation of getting a cal from Jaren, I had forgotten about Marcie's quest.  I opened the email and her message indicated that she had found him and that he said, "tell him I love him!"  Jaren called us later in the morning during his layover in Dallas.  Seems Jaren and the others in his room slept through the alarm and they missed their 3:00 bus and had to catch the next.  When Marcie found him and snapped the picture at 5:45, he had just checked his luggage, so they had to race to catch their flight.

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