Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday October 31

My week has been pretty good. Getting up at 6:30 is so annoying though.. Ugh. Oh well. So the members here are amazing. They are so kind and nice. Hopefully they have a lot of people to refer us to. Church is actually really fun. There was literally like 30-35 people in sacrament meeting. It's so weird.haha. The weather has been really really nice. It's been quite cloudy so it hasn't been hot or humid. I love it. There was a huge rainstorm yesterday. Well it only lasted about half an hour but for like 10 min while we were out harvesting, it was pouring so hard! It was like almost a flash flood. We kept on harvesting of course. We've met a couple people that seem interested but are slow to invite us back. So that's been kinda tough. We have 2 baptism dates so far (people from before i got here so i've only taught them a little), Jonathan who is 10. His mom is a less active member but she wants to come back. He'll be baptized on Saturday. And Gustavo. He speaks a little english so i can talk a little to him. He's set to be baptized Nov. 19. His wife is a member and she's probably the nicest lady ever. The people I have met are fantastic. Maria and Olga we met while harvesting. Maria is about 40 and is a member but hasn't gone for about 20 years. She still has a strong testimony which is awesome. Olga is her mother. She has investigated a lot of churches but when they ask her to be baptized, she bolts back to the Catholic church. Even though she doesn't really like it. So we'll try really hard to get them to church. They're in Spanish... But we met a lot of english people yesterday. Hopefully they will want us to teach them. I keep getting less and less homesick which is good. I love you guys and miss you a ton. Love you.

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