Monday, October 24, 2011

Well, I'm here! The misson pres and his wife are very nice. It should be fun getting to know them. I am in the Hialeah area which i think is a suburb of Miami. I'm not too sure. The roads here are so confusing! I never know where we are going. We have a car since we live in the eastern part of our area and Elder Smith and I serve in the West. So haven't been able to ride the bike yet. But we're running low on miles for our car so we may have to the last few days of the month. Our apt is pretty good. Not super nice but not bad. There are 4of us there. All of us sleep in the same room. Then me and my comp have one bathroom and the others have one. And each companionship has a study area with our desks. I am doing good with blood sugars and stuff. Testing has been a little tough cuz I keep my pump in my backpack and don't always have it. 
The weather here is really nice. It's been pretty cloudy the whole time but that's good cuz it's not as hot or humid. It's perfect. Summer is gonna be rough. We had district training on Saturday at the chapel and when we were finished, there were some members there doing some stuff, a couple took me and my comp to cici's pizza. The Clempson-NC game was on and it made me miss home a lot and all the stuff that i use to do. But oh well. There are 2 wards in our area. One english and one spanish. If you haven't gotten my letter, I'm in a spanish area. It's really annoying cuz everyone speaks spanish so i just have to sit there while my comp talks to people. Church was really good yesterday. It was the primary program and it was combined. There were about 250 people in 2 wards. It's so weird. I felt right at home there, which was good. I've met a lot of great people too. In the ward and just people. It's weird thinking i'm a missionary. Being here for two years seems like a life time. It already feels llike i haven't been home in ages and it's only been a month. Maybe when i actually get to teach people in english it will get better. It was so amazing to hear your voices on tuesday, although it did make me want to hop on another plane and come home. I love you and miss you all like crazy.

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