Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14

Hi familyyy

Today is p day once again. Right after emailing we go grocery shopping. We haven't done anything cool yet. We just get home after that, write letters and eat lunch then whatever personally. I try to take a nap. My week has been ok. Pretty hard. Thanks so much for the recording device. It helped a lot. It's annoying that barely anyone we talk to speaks english. I rarely get to teach anyone. Oh yeah. We had a fireside last night with Pres. Anderson and he showed the news story of the lady and the BOM. He said he'll email you the video so don't worry about that. I spoke in church yesterday. I'll send you it later today. It went well. The past 3-4 days during excersise time (at 6:30) we've played basketball. There's a hoop in the parking lot. That has felt good to play again. We didn't get any new investigators this week. It's super hard finding people. We did get two referrals however yesterday from a non member. Which is pretty exciting. He came with us to the fireside (you needed an investigator to be able to come), and he gave us 2 names. He would be baptized but he has a lot of repentance to go through i guess. He's such a sincere, amazing guy. Super nice. Very doctrinally sound. It's too bad. His wife is a member and she's like the happiest/nicest/most cheerful lady ever. Member's are beginning to feed us more. We had 2 lunches yesterday. We might have one tonight.. idk. But we have 2 or 3 this week. Hopefully they'll have sweet investigators. Who speak english.. ha. For thanksgiving we are going to a members home. idk who. But I know we're going somewhere. This is super hard but I know it's where I'm supposed to be. I've grown a lot. Oh yeah we set a baptismal date with this Salvadorian named Renee. They met him before I got here and we couldn't get a chance to visit him til just last week. The first question he asked (he speaks spanish..) was, "Do i have to get baptized to be a member of your church?" haha. He only had a Restoration pamphlet that he has read and he likes it a lot. He wants to change his life and his heart def was softened when we were talking to him. Hopefully that goes through (Dec. 10). So.. Hope all is well back at home. Tell everyone I love them. Take care of Jasmine. I hope to see her again.. Man it was cold on Saturday. All the way down to 65... haha I love you guys. byeeeee

In addition to Jaren's email, we received a picture and the following text from a member:

Thanks for sharing your sweet son! He gave a fabulous talk in Sacrament Meeting on the B of M. He's a wonderful person. We enjoyed his company at dinner yesterday. Thanks for sharing Elder T with us! We send our love. 

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