Monday, November 7, 2011

Letter after the emails...

Remember how I gave out a Book of Mormon on my first night here? Well a tornado hit that area just a litlle bit later. The lady I gave the BOM to was on the news later. The 2 houses on either side of her were destroyed. In my testimony I wrote on the front pages "This book will protect you..." she was protected by my BOM! There was a story on the news about it and they showed my handwriting on TV! Pres. Anderson emailed us about it and the zone leaders told me it was mine. Crazy huh! Really shows you the power of the scriptures.

Oh, and on Tuesday night, we were out harvesting ("Harvesting the Field"...So the approach is set, we knock, introduce ourselves, say "We're representatives of Jesus Christ, and he has sent us here to leave his peace and blessing in your home, can we come in and do that"? Elder Smith) at about 5:30 we were knocking doors and we're walking from a door when we see 2 people speed walking by (towards the opposite direction, where we had already knocked) so we chase them down about 3 houses and they just told us to go away. So we turn around and see this lady on her porch. (We knocked her house but no one answered). So we went up and talked to her. Her name is Irma and she was investigating the church in Minnesota like 20-30 years ago. She was close to being baptized but her little boy got sick. She wanted him to be baptized because she knew he wouldn't make it. But he was too young. She had stop going to church to take care of him. He died a month or two later. She lost contact with them and moved here. She still has a strong testimony. We showed her that all kids who die before 8 go to heaven. It's incredible the timing though. We chase down those joggers and she's out there right then. We asked her to be baptized the 19th. But she said she doesn't know if she's ready since it's been so long. But she will soon.

Missionary work is great. Very tough, but great. Thanks for everything you guys do. I love you and miss you a ton. Love, Elder Thorne

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