Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday November 7

So the bishop pushed back Jonathan's baptism for the 19th, not because of Jonathan, just scheduling I guess. So it'll be then. We commited 3 more people to baptism and we are planning to extend a commitment today! Patricia and her daughter Alejandra have a strong spirit. Alejandra is 15 and is preparing to be baptized Dec. 3rd. We're gonna ask her mom today too. We just met them on like Tuesday and they are very receptive. That should go well. It's been a pretty good week. Very busy. All the days just blend together. It's super weird. The weather here is amazing. 70-80 every day and at least once a day, the sun and clouds meet and it looks like it could be the second coming.. haha it's beautiful. The Braithwaites were out of town yesterday so that's why you didn't get a text. But we had lunch at Bro and Sis Russ's house. He's the ward mission leader and an awesome guy. We have meal appts almost every day this week thanks to him. So that's awesome. Everyone in the wards are way way nice. I love them all. They always joke around with me cuz I'm latino and can't speak spanish haha. But it's all fun. Tell the fam I love them. I love you guys and miss you.

From Elder Smith thru his mom:
I don't know if I said it last time, or maybe it was a few times ago, but the Elder Thorne placed a Book of Mormon with the assistants the night he got here, and 10 minutes later a tornado touched down in Plantation and dominated the area, including both houses on each side of the house that he left the Book of Mormon with his testimony in it. But the house that received the missionaries and the Book of Mormon was totally unharmed. And the lady who owns it testified on camera of the truthfulness and protective power of the Book of Mormon - not a member (yet). Super cool. Don't know if it'd be on Google for you, apparently the Miami news network covered it. (Not to sure, don't watch much TV!). So yeah, basically my companion is a super star and they need to make a video about it or something. Hahah (= lots of awesome.

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