Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29 and a miracle!

Transfers are tomorrow so that's why p day is Tuesday. We get "the call" Monday night to tell us who is transferring and who is staying. So Tuesday is when the Elders who are leaving pack. Elder Furch is going home, so we'll have a new roommate. I'm gonna give him your info so he can meet you. I love him a lot and I'm sad he's leaving. For me, Thanksgiving was really good. We all bought pies on Monday (I bought a cheesecake) and we had them during weekly planning. It was still a normal missionary day. At 4 we went to a family who is an older couple in the Spanish ward here. Their kids were there too. One of the grandkids had the Dolphins game on so I got to watch that a bit which made me so happy ;). Right after that we went to another family's home and ate. I was so stuffed. But we were well fed. The next day, Friday, after district training with our zl's, Elder Furch and I went to Texas de Brazil with them. It's a super nice Brazilian steakhouse. Elder Munns is leaving too so he had the idea. It was amazing! Some of the best food ever. Oh, and guess where it is. Dolphin Mall right next to Buffalo wild Wings! It was so cool to be there. I got some pics so i'll send them soon. Thank you so much for the packages! They were great. Thanks for the ties. (V got me like the ugliest ties ever....) ha but i still loved it. Thank you. And thanks for the razor. it has really helped. I'm gonna grow out my mustache and see how long it takes for someone to say something. Just letting you know :)

So crazy story. Remember Jonathan? Everything was all set for him to be baptized on the 19th but his mom called us that morning at 8 saying that her brother died. So it had to be cancelled. Then we couldn't get in contact with her til Wednesday. She said she just wanted her son to be baptized so we did it last Friday, the 26th. It actually went very well for such short notice. Oh. And just a couple days ago, I think it was Sunday, we were harvesting, and before we said a prayer asking that we'd be an answer to someone's prayer. So we knocked this door and it's an older couple. And she's like, well anyone who comes in Christ's name is welcome in our home. So that was cool. We blessed their home and she's like, well actually earler today i was praying and asking God if he'd send someone here to help me strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ. She already had huge faith but that was really cool. I don't think she's necesarily interested in our message but it was a cool experience.
Welp... that's all I've got. So I love you all and miss you so much ;) byeeeeeeeee

An another (very exciting note), we were finally able to get a copy of "The News Story."  The background of this is this:

The day Elder Thorne arrived in South Florida, he was asked to write his testimony in and place a Book of Mormon. That night, he and the APs placed his Book of Mormon. Ten minutes later, a tornado hit the neighborhood. In the aftermath, a local news reporter interviewed the woman. Her story:

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