Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011

This week has been pretty good. I have had a lot of amazing experiences.  On Friday we went on 'fire exchanges' with both our zone leader's and ap's out harvesting. First I went with ZL Elder Wees and we blessed 2 people in an hour! Him and I did very well. Then after we finished that, the assistant's called and wanted to harvest with us too. So we met them and I went with Elder Matthews. He was so cool and so spiritual and good at harvesting. I actually had a ton of fun harvesting with him. We blessed 3 houses together and I talked to lots of people.  So I blessed 5 people and elder smith blessed 5 too. We left 10 blessings on Friday! The most we've ever had in one day was 3. It was an awesome experience.  Oh and on Thursday. K first, President Anderson has always said 'pray, plan, practice, do' with all our plans. So we prayed, planned where we were going to harvest, then went and harvested. We weren't having any success and I said we forgot to practice. So we stood in the middle of the sidewalk and did a couple role plays. The very next house: nothing. We walked across the street and knocked and a lady and her dad or someone answered and right then a truck pulls in the driveway. He gets out (Giovani) and instantly lets us inside. We blessed his home and taught about a 5 min restoration lesson. He committed to be baptized Jan. 7! And we're going back tonight. If it weren't for that 3-4 min we stood on the sidewalk practicing, we would have missed him! Crazy how the Spirit works sometimes. So Mom, We're teaching a 15 yo girl and her mom (she also has a 5 yo little girl) and she wants to be but isn't super committed. She knows all the lessons, it's just getting her to be super excited. They speak Spanish (Alejandra knows most English but prefers Spanish) so i was wondering Mom if you could write her a letter of your conversion and your testimony. I think that would really help. Just send it to me with your letter and I'll deliver it.  Welp... My week has been good. Just normal missionary stuff happening. It's so weird that it's December already. I love you all and miss you a ton. Till next time :) Love Elder Jaren Thorne

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