Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19

 This week was super good. We had the Christmas parties for the 2 wards this weekend, english on friday and spanish saturday. Those were very fun. I'm reading the New Testament and there are some scriptures that I really liked. Matthew 9:37-38. It talks about what I am doing here. And Mark 4:1-20. That parable is one of my faves. We have to be good dirt. We can't be tangled up in our image or endure just a short while. Oh, and guess what. There's a Christmas cantata next week, combined both wards, and i'm in the choir. Sis. Braitewaite invited us to practice yesterday and I was the one who spoke up and said we should go. haha It should be fun. This past couple weeks we've been riding bike every day. They reduced our miles to 800 so we'll talk to more people on bike. We were riding along the main street, and Elder Smith stopped to talk to this older guy. We thought we saw  him at the spanish ward Christmas party cuz there was a guy who looked just like him haha. We've been extending baptismal invitations to everyone we harvest into, and it's been really cool. We've gotten a couple yes's and we're working on helping them progress. I'll let you know how that's going once it gets going. I haven't seen a popeyes in our area :( so i'll have to wait a while to have it. I love the ward and people here so much that i pray that I don't get transferred haha but i'll go wherever. I love you guys! Thanks for everything and we'll talk to you Sunday!! Love you!  

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