Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5th

My health has been really good. Being on a schedule definitely helps. Transfers were last Wednesday and there was like a 0.001% chance I'd move, but as you know, I wasn't. The next time I might be moved is January 9th but I pray that I won't be.. ha but I really love it here. The ward is amazing. So work here has been a lot better. We've found some promising people. Did I tell you about Iwa and Michael? Anyway. She prayed that someone would come and help them out and a couple hours later we blessed their home. When we called the next day to set an appt, she said only good things had been happening since the blessing. Which was really cool. We went back and taught them some of the restoration. She's pretty set on the Bible, so she'll be hard to crack. But hey, the Spirit can do anything. I'll let you know how that goes. We have some good investigators, they're just progressing pretty slow. This 15 yo girl and her mom (Her husband, the girl's step dad) just passed away so we taught the PofS and they've felt the Spirit and love it. They just don't come to church and I don't think they read the BoM too much. Alejandra (the 15 yo girl) has received the lessons and has been to church with her aunt who just got baptized in El Portal (just a little north of here). So she know the gospel pretty well. We just have to get her comfortable here. Our new roommate is Elder Diaz. His name is Jose Diaz. He's pretty cool. He's been learning English here on his mission and it's pretty good. But sometimes it's hard for me and him to communicate. I'll send a pic. Elder Furch should get in contact with you soon. Make sure the girls are there to meet him too (including V). Hey Mom, Were becitos big in El Salvador. Idk if I spelled it right. But it's when you greet someone, you kiss each other's cheek? It's a Latin thing and this is pretty much Central/South America. So I've been kissed 3 times on my mission... haha but they were sneak attacks and I couldn't avoid them. Anyway, Nothing else new. Still working hard, enjoying the beautiful weather. I miss you all and love you like crazy!

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