Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 26

 Elder Thorne's View
 Christmas Dinner
Angel Hosts!

It was so so good to talk/see you all yesterday! We are so blessed to have the technology to do so. We don't have many investigators... Alejandra and her mom are the only solid ones. We have some really good potentials, probably 5-6, but it's hard maintaining contact with them. Speaking of, Mom, in your letter include of course your testimony, and also why being baptized was the best decision of your life and how it has blessed you. I think that would be really good. I hope you guys love Taylor Furch as much as i did! He really is such an awesome guy. Mom, you can talk to him in spanish if you want. This past week was really good. Super busy. Idk what else to tell you.. Mostly told you everything yesterday! The Cantata went well. I had fun, even though I'm not good at singing at all. In this month's Ensign, theres a story on page 47 that is really good. I only read about half, but I really like that it explains that Christ looks for those who are lost. Cuz He wants those sheep back in His herd. Cuz He loves everyone. Mom, Thanks for hanging out with V. That means a ton. Thanks for delivering my presents too. Her birthday is on Jan 12, so I'll let you know what to get her then. Thanks :) Hmm... Not sure what else to say.. Oh sorry the email is late. All our normal places are closed so we had to come to the family history center here in the chapel. Thanks family! I love you so much! Miss you a ton!

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