Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baptisms and a Transfer

Well... I'm transferring....I'm excited to see new places and people, i just HATE packing.  No more free mcdonalds. haha but it's ok i guess. I'll proabably go somewhere where I can actuallly learn spanish. We only met like 3 people who spoke spanish. And I bet they just said they only spoke spanish so we wouldn't talk to them. Except, I do know how to greet people. That's it. But I loved it here and I'll really miss it. Oh yeah. The baptism. So in order to be baptized, you have to come to church twice. And we have that family, Mary (mom) and 5 girls (ages 8, 9, 10, 12, 13). The mom has only been once and the girls like 4 haha. We were just gonna try to baptize the girls on Saturday, but the bishop wanted them to be baptized as a fam. So we called President Anderson and explained the situation and he asked if Mary had been to any other church activities. The other elders had a baptism the day before the Sunday Mary went to church (that was also supposed to be Keith's baptism.....) So President said that since she went to that, he gave us permission to baptize her. She worked on Saturday and Sunday, so we baptized them all on Friday and just confirmed Mary then too. Oh, and they were about 30 min late to their baptism haha. And, the girls got to sacrament right after the sacrament was passed, so it was a pretty stressful couple of days. Also, President Anderson was speaking in our ward, so That was also very stressful haha. But it all worked out. The girls are Debra (13), JoAnn (12), Starlia (10), LaNeika (9) and Esperancia (8). Esperancia is my fave. We're like best friends. So it was a pretty good week. Nothing else too exciting. Just getting that together. "T's" house arrest got extended to March 29.. Hopefully he'll get baptized ASAP.  All is well with my blood sugars. My sites on my legs keep bleeding.. I'll have to do back more often and maybe even try arm. Mom, yes i got grandma's valentines card. I actually gave the money she sent to a family who doesn't have food. I forgot that the week before transfers, they just keep the mail in the office til transfer meeting. So I just got cards from grandparents and dad's letter. Nothing else :( Next week I'll let you know where I am. And I'll send pics soon. I love you all! Thanks for everything.
Northern Half of the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission

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