Monday, February 13, 2012

No Baptism, but Progress

It was an ok week. On Wednesday we got a call (I was 'privileged' to
answer it) and it was Keith saying that he wasn't ready to be baptized
on Saturday....... He wants to know more and experiment other
churches. Ugh.. He stopped reading in the BoM a couple sundays ago so
I'm sure that stopped his progression as well. It's tough, but we'll
continue to meet with him. So no baptism for us Saturday. The other
elders had one for a husband of a member. "T" is doing awesome. He
gets off house arrest tomorrow so he'll come to church this Sunday! He
is accepting of everything we teach and he wants to do all he can to
follow Jesus Christ. He even commited to live the Word of Wisdom and
Law of Chastity with no question! (WoW is usually a problem for people
here) The family, it's a mom(Mary), 4 daughters and 1 niece who lives
with them, is doing great. Mary was able to come to church yesterday!
They all even attended the baptism on Saturday and really liked it.
Mary was called into work late Saturday so she was tired during
church. She fell asleep during Sunday School... but after RS when I
talked to her, she seemed really excited about church. She wants the
girls to be baptized Saturday. We'll have to talk to Bishop and
President for permission though, since they're so young. It's tough
with Mary's job. She either has to wait a whole week to get the HG or
wait almost 2 weeks to be baptized from when she went to church. Oh
well, we'll work something out. We've got a few more gators, who are
doing well. We're jsut helping them with their testimony of the BoM,
because that's the most important thing. I've been so lucky to be able
to study the scriptures every morning. I have Loved reading the BoM
every morning. I plan to read it for just a half hour each morning,
but a lot of the time I just can't stop haha. The BoM truly is the
best thing ever. I love it. I remember once reading the story of
Clayton Christiansen. Well someone mentioned it on Sunday and it's
really cool. You all should read it. The Oxford story. 
Well.. That's my excitement for this week. Oh, tranfers are next
Wednesday! Time is flying. I miss you all like crazy but i love you more!!

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