Monday, February 6, 2012

Slow but Productive Week!

Keith passed his interview and came to church yesterday so he's all set to be baptized this Saturday! I'll be sure to take pictures. All our investigators are doing good. The mom and her 4 daughters and 1 neice are great. The mom hasn't been to church yet but the girls have been twice. They all have a date for the 18th but the Bishop wants them to be baptized as a family but the mom won't make it because she works every other Sunday so she won't make it twice. We'll see what happens. The rest are kind of progressing. We have an older woman who's pretty solid but she's very close to her church now. Oh yeah, so we were knocking on this girls door who we've seen a couple times, but she didn't answer. So we walk around the corner and guess who we see sitting in his driveway? “T”!! haha. I guess his charges were dropped (whatever they were) so he's on house arrest until Valentine's Day then he's all clean (according to the law, we'll see about spiritually...) but we're going to see him tomorrow. I have a feeling I may stay and Elder Shaffer leave. Who knows. Transfers are Feb 22nd. Coming up quick! Time is flying by. We were talking to one of our investigators' neighbors who we occasionally just talk to and he asked me where I was from and he said I look like one of his friends who he served in the army with. Arthur Larcarti  is the friend. PFC Norman Cook- Battersfield, Germany. He told me to look him up and that's what he told me to tell him. Norman (he told us his name was Mike) is the one I talked to. So if you happen to come across him, tell me. So I think I keep losing my socks. I'm running out of grey and brown socks. You can include that in my next package :) I'll probably send my iPod home soon for new music. Some new songs I'd like: I'm trying to be like Jesus, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief (with words), and any more you'd like to include. Mom, there's a lady here who is from San Salvador. We ate dinner with her last Sunday. So.. That was cool. She's going to make me Papusa's. Well... Nothing else too exciting. It's pouring rain outside if you're wondering. Hopefully this week will be more exciting. I miss you all like crazy! LOVE YOU!

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