Monday, February 27, 2012

Boynton Beach

Well.. I'm in Boynton Beach.. It's the area directly east of Wellington. So not a huge jump geographically. But as in the people and culture, HUGE difference. It's super ghetto but the people respect us so don't worry about me. The apt is pretty nice. A lot better than my last place. We live there with 2 other elders. They are Haitian Creole missionaries. They're both from Utah (Elders Jones and Furner) Oh yeah, this is an all bike area.............................. ugh. And we bike over an over pass every day. Ugh. My comp. is Elder Ensing. No not Ensign. He's pretty cool. He's only got like 4 months left and he's a good missionary. Oh, and he's from New Zealand! haha. That's interesting. He has an accent. He says "awmen" instead of amen. And when we were locking our bikes in a way ghetto place, he said it was a "dodgy" area. hahaha. But I'm starting to like this area more. I'm guessing I'll be here for a while. Oh and since I've been here, we've set 6 or 7 dates. And a lot of them are super solid. It's awesome.
I'm doing good. I'm just super tired all the time and I just want to lie down. The hours between 10:30 pm and 6:30 am are the shortest time in my whole mission. Ugh. Anyway. The ward here is pretty good. I guess they've had a baptism a week since like December. And we're doing everything to keep that streak going. It's a ton of Hatian people so that's pretty strange. At church yesterday, there was this like 22 yo kid and he was filling out his tithing slip, then he pulls out this massive wad of cash and i'm just like whoa i wonder what he's gonna take out of that for tithing. nope. He just sticks the whole thing in there. It was insane. We are emailing here in the FHC at the church. It's a lot faster and up to date than Wellington.  
Everything is alright here. We talk to lots of interesting people and it's ok. I'm just trying to have a good time. A lot of the time, that's hard. But whatever. There are some really good investigator's here. It should be fine. I'll just continue to work hard. I miss you guys and Love you a ton!

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