Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Staying and adding a new companion


I'm staying.. But that's ok. I like it. Except we're getting a new comp.... so we're gonna be a trio! haha it's gonna be way weird.

Well last week was also super lame. No new investigators.. We got 2 actually, one is Bernadette's daughter who turned 8 on March 26 :) and the other is a pregnant lady who won't get baptized til after she has a baby and who knows when that will be... We harvest for like 5 hours a day. And don't find any cool people. So that's lame. Whatever.. I got all the things you sent, also grandma's card. Thank you. As for supplies, I'm all good for a while. I have 2 boxes of pods so maybe like next week or the week after you could send some more. But other than that I have enough.

I can't believe we got a new bishop! I didn't know it was already time for a new one. Who are the counselors? That's so weird.. But I love Delos. ANYway.....

So last week I got like 3 flat tires. We were on our way to appointments 2 of the three times. Luckily (not really) they called and cancelled. So we'd have to call this way cool member, Bro. Herring, to pick us up. The first time we had just left the apt and we made it like 1.5 miles so the other elders came and picked us up. I've had to borrow Elder Jones' bike a lot. I patched up the tire  but it kept failing... But today I'll get it fixed. On Thursday we were planning and the other elders come in and said that they needed me. I was like, ok... The zone leaders had called them saying that someone needed a blessing at a hospital in our area. And they asked if I spoke Spanish and the other elders were like yeah i think a little bit.. The zl's said good, you should probably take him. So they came in and told me and I'm just like whatttt.... Freak. So I take the little red book and I'm practicing all the way up and i'm just freaking out and praying like crazy. We get in to the main desk and we're talking to the main desk and the son of the guy we're going to bless walks up to us and he just got there as well. so we're trying to get signed in and the son asks the desk "what room is he in?" "2108" or whatever it was. Right as he told us the intercom comes on. "Code blue room 2108, code blue.." In my head I'm thinking crap we missed him by like 4 minutes and he just died. But we went up to the waiting room and waited for a couple minutes and I'm still freaking out about the Spanish thing cuz the whole fam is there and they're all speaking Spanish except the kids. So the doc comes out and says we're good to go in. We get in there and he's in really bad shape and totaly unconscious and elder jones (just me and him went) asks if we can do it in English and the son goes oh yeah that's fine. haha. Did you think that I'd be super blessed and the Spanish would just flow out of my mouth? Yeah me too..

One day when we were harvesting, there was like a drug or illegal weapons bust right across the street from where we were knocking. There were tons of cops with machine guns and like 5 or 6 guys lying face down on the front yard with their hands on their heads. haha it was intense. Cops were searching inside and the yards. I wish someone would have taken a picture..

Conference was amazing wasn't it? Elder Holland was my favorite talk I think. We missed the first like 10 minutes of the Saturday afternoon (they're both afternoon here...) session because it was stormy and the satelite went out. But luckily we got it back. That means that we couldn't sustain anyone... haha But it was an amazing conference. On Saturday, we had bball and 8 then a baptism at 11 conference at 12, 4 and 8 so I was at the church literally all day except after bball to get ready and we ate lunch in between the first two sessions. haha

Our goal as a mission has always been 100 baptisms in one month. We've gotten like 82 I think a couple months ago. But in March we got 106! It's awesome. President Anderson has done an amazing job here. I'm having a good time even though it's so hard. Thanks for all the support. I love you all.

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