Monday, July 2, 2012


Hi guys. Welp... I'm glad you guys liked the message. She kinda just held the phone up to my face so I was a little caught off-guard.. Anyway, as you know, I'm in Plantation. It used to be the AP's area, but they sorta migrated to the Nova ward so there hasn't been missionaries here for like 6 months. That means we have nothing to work with. We have to start all from scratch. It's not fun.. We just harvest all day. In rich, white,  complexes... Oh, but we do have a car. Which is really nice. Before I forget, I want to wish Mom and happy birthday! And dad, happy father's day. Sorry it's so late. I've had a lot on my mind lately.. Anyway. Yeah Plantation isn't the best.. But the ward and members are way cool. They were happy to have us there. There are some cool members. It's really small compared to Boynton. And very very white.. But yeah that testimony I bore.. The 2nd counselor was conducting and before the meeting, he encouraged us to bear our testimonies, then like twice throughout speaking, he said something like, and we invite you members and guest and MISSIONARIES (he'd look right at us) to bear their testimonies. He did it in a joking way so it was fine.  A guy told me I had an elegant last name. The mission president lives in our area. So that will be kinda weird.. What if we see him just like driving around? haha. (He visits different wards all the time, so he probs won't be at church) And the mission office is in it too. It's super weird because the only times I've been to the Plantation chapel was for transfer meeting so going to church there was odd. The apartment is pretty nice though. I like it a lot. We live with the Fort Laud south elders. Fort Laud north and creole live in the same complex. I don't know the address... I forgot to grab it when we left.. Sorry. But I'm right by the office so it won't be a huge delay to get mail.  Yeah so being in Plantation means another thing.. Remember that lady whose house got saved from the tornado?  Well we stopped by her house on like Friday and talked to her. Elder K (the AP) told me that she wasn't progressing well.. But I went and saw her. She said thanks but it wasn't even like sincere. And I asked her about meeting with the other missionaries and she just said she has her own church. It's too bad.  Idk if he has yet, but a guy named M B will call you. Remember Elder B from Wellington? I think I told you a little bit about him. He's a good friend that just went home. I wasn't supposed to see him again but luckily I did. So normally, the missionaries going home go to transfers at like 6 am on Wednesday, go all day, come back to the mission home, eat and hang out, then leave the next day. So they don't actually go to transfer meeting. They just leave. But the temple is closed for a bit, so they went on the Friday before and they were at transfer meeting. I was so happy when I saw him. He's had the biggest impact on me and my mission so far. I can't even tell you how much he means to me. And when he got to transfers, he like sought me out, which was like the best part. I love him.  yeah I gave him your info so he'll be calling soon. Oh and dad, he gave me that spanish book so I want to keep it. I never use it because it's pretty advanced... But it has sentimental value.. K well, wish me luck everyone! I'll need it here in Plantation.. No it's fun though. I'm with Elder L. He's way awesome. We get along and laugh a lot. He looks like a mix between Elder Furch and Draco Malfoy. hahaha. I'll get a pic soon. I love you guys. Thanks for all that you do. Miss you. Love you.  Elder Jaren Thorne

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