Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Alright.Hello family and friends.

Welp, other than the hurricane (tropical storm), things are same old here in Plantation. Gian Carlos decided to peace out and move back to Ohio. So no baptism :( but we do have a lady named Dawn. We blessed her home like 3 weeks ago. She has seen so many blessings since we have met her and she pretty much committed herself for the 2nd of September! We've really seen a huge change in her. When we first met her, she was sad and angry and now she's happier than ever! I love the gospel and how it changes people. It's been awesome to see that change. She has come to church the past 2 Sundays. Everything should be good for her. 

The storm was pretty crazy. Where we're at it wasn't horrible, just another storm, but other places it was bad. After church on Sunday, we had to go straight home. So from about 1 pm on Sunday til 5 pm on Monday, we SAT at home. With nothing to do. We watched a few church videos but other than that, we just slept and ate. Which is the only thing we do at the apt anyway, but this time it was for 2 days. I was so bored. 

We're still knocking lots of doors.. We have great experiences blessing them but they never feel it a priority to meet with us, even though we invite them all to be baptized. So that's been pretty rough. Last Wednesday, an old couple from Boca Raton came down and took Elder Larsen and I to dinner. They're not members but have a really good relationship with Elder Larsen cuz he served there. I saw some big news about the Ohio State QB or something. It's bad for me to go to restaurants with TV's cuz it makes me miss ESPN a lot haha. But I can handle it for another year. Today is my 11 month mark... CRAZY! It's flown by pretty quick. Oh and guess what?! I can finally drive!! The office is in our area so we drop by at least once a week and I talk to the vehicle coordinator and he gave me everything I needed right there. So now I'm the big boy at the wheel. At first it was so weird! But now I feel back to normal driving. Anyway.. That's about it. We always work hard. Just this area is hard. I love and miss you all!

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