Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Ward

Hey hey hey.
This week has been pretty good. Better than the past couple at least. I'm glad that I'm staying here in Plantation. Even though there's no hood and no cool black people and no receptive people, it's still pretty fun. The ward is cool and people are really funny and nice here. So there's not much to write about. I got the package. We finally got in contact with "J" and taught her on Friday. Except she had a couple of stupid friends there who were being way annoying. But we're going back tonight so hopefully it will be way better. 
Youth conference and the reunion sounds like a ton of fun. I miss doing stuff like that. The mission kinda has you going crazy because you do the same exact thing Every single day. P-days are definitely a must. Sawgrass Mall was pretty cool. I got a couple hats. I'm going to get one for each one of my areas. I have three. I'll get another once I leave here. I got a black U hat, an old school marlins hat, and a SICK heat hat. I took some pics of them. I sent the sim card last monday..... I hope it gets there. Man idk what else to say. We've met a couple sweet people but we need to go back and teach them and solidify their baptisms. Did I tell you that when we harvest, right after we bless peoples' homes, we invite them to be baptized? It's because the spirit is so strong there so why wait? It's actually been really successful. Well... idk there's not a whole lot to report on. Nothing reall cool happening. Oh wait.. So yesterday we were expecting 4 people at church, no one showed... But two less active girls came and brought their nephew (Non member) and we went over yesterday night and taught him. He said he'd be baptized next Sunday if he feels ready. But he's praying about it so he definitely will. His name is "C." 
K I hope that I'll have way more to write about next week. I miss you guys. I love you a lot! Bye!

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