Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A baptism and another transfer!

Alright hello everyone.. This week has been really good. I guess I'll start off by answering everyone's question if I'm staying or going......... I'm transferring :( I'm way mad and sad. This past two transfers have been the best two so far in my mission. Elder “L” and I have become really close. We're great friends. I'm sad I won't be able to kill him. The good news is that I'm back at the “P’s” house using an iPad to write my emails. The “W” family are still way awesome and will be baptized on the 30th. We've all grown really close to each other. I will give them your info to contact you. And I'll give you theirs too. They will know on Friday where I go because Elder “L” will tell them so they can tell you. They are way solid and will be fantastic members of the church. We met a couple other cool people that we're trying to baptize so I hope all goes well with that. They'd probably like a note ASAP.

I got the insulin and just got the other package. It's good because I'm on my second to last pod... I'll be sure to ask for some sooner. Oh and could you send me a new poker? This one is kind of broken and the top keeps popping off. 

On Sunday, we were riding our bikes and it started raining and we were stuck under a tree. It doesn't provide a whole lot of cover so it wasn't that good... I saw a guy at his house like 200 ft across the way waving us over. So we went and he let us in his house. It was this Jamaican guy and he saw us as representatives of Jesus Christ and so that why he let us in. He recited that as long as you do it to one of my brethren, you've done it unto me. You know..  But he was way awesome and he gave us some water and also some food. So guess what we ate... Pigs tail!!! Haha it was actually very tasty. It was called stu peas and it was rice, beans and pig tails. It was really really good. I enjoyed that a lot. Especially coming out of the pouring rain, to enjoy a hot meal. So that was cool. And really interesting. I think that was the most exciting part of my week. I'm really disappointed that I won't be staying here. It's so stressful to transfer. Especially to have to pack. UGH.. That's the worst. I hope to stay in my next area the remainder of my mission. Haha. I love you guys. Ugh.... I'm in a bad mood because I'm leaving :( but I'm sure I'll like my new area and all that. K I miss you all. But I love you more. Just one more year to go.. That's weird.. Haha I love you!

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