Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in Wellington

Yep. I'm in Wellington again.. Except this time the North area instead of the South. I was way surprised. But I'm glad to get free McDonalds again. haha. My companion is Elder "W."  He's from Far West up around Ogden. He's pretty cool. He's been way sick lately so we haven't gotten out to work a whole lot, which kinda sucks but they're still trying to figure out what's wrong. The living arrangements are different than last time. Both set of elders live together now. It's kind of by the duplex I used to live in but now it's a house. A small house, but a house. It's super old so not way nice. The nicest part is the shower head.
It was way crazy to go back to church yesterday. I was way excited/nervous. I recognized a lot of people and more people than I thought recognized me. Which was kind of cool. I kept looking for my girls that I baptized but they didn't show up. We sat in the front of the overflow and almost the whole thing filled up! After Sacrament Meeting, "E" and "L" came running up to me and gave me a huge hug. haha. Man that was awesome. The whole family was there and it made me so happy. And a few people that I found and taught got baptized and were there. It was sweet.
Not much to say about the work yet because there hasn't been a lot. Wellington North is always way slow and unfruitful..... so I'm not thrilled. But I'm happy to be here. The South elders are Elder "C" and "P." "C" is from Kanab and "P" is half black.
I thought of a couple things that I'd like... haha. First is the "B's" address. I would like to write them. And Elder "C" has this Q&A journal that like asks you one question a day for 5 years and you answer it and see your different answers each year. I think that'd be way cool. So as you all know, my hump day is this Friday... it's so crazy. Anyway, the "S's" have us over for dinner every Friday so don't worry about pizza that night. But I Was wondering if I could get a gift card so we can all go out to lunch. There's a 5 Guys right by the mall.. But you can send pizza again. Everyone always loves that.
So yeah.. That's about it. I'm happy to be back in the ward. The area will be really tough.. but God gave me a mountain. k I love you guys a whole lot! see ya!

Elder Jaren Thorne

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